Friday, January 29, 2010

Movie Marketing Online

Most film makers are not very marketing savvy. So they usually aren’t the ones coming up with ideas to promote their films. They just ask professional internet marketers to do it. If you are looking to promote your new film you have got to know the options available. Here is a brief idea on how most films are promoted through the following online marketing tools, about 10 days before the movie releases.

A website for your movie should be ready. It will give you the perfect backing for your movie. People can easily get plenty of information about the synopsis, the characters or even watch trailers on your movie site. A well designed movie website arouses interest in the film. You can also draw people towards watching the film by offering free merchandise and other special offers on your site.

Blog writing can really help promote your website. The blog spot could be an extension of your site and could also be the only part of your website that can be updated constantly. You can post anything you like on it including photos and trailers.

The 3rd most important way to promote your movie is by being a part of social networking sites, interacting with people who like the movie, adding more friends and sustaining them through interaction. Traffic can be diverted towards your website through these sites as well as through articles and press releases published elsewhere.

These are only some of the ways to promote your movie online. Contact Cosmos Creatives for a clearer understanding of online marketing.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Articles Drive More Traffic

Gaining a sizable amount of visits to your site is a difficult and complex task. But it is no use having a site without having traffic diverted towards it. There are many ways to pull people towards your site under search engine marketing. But writing articles is one of the best ways to drive traffic toward your site quickly.

But you can only gain high end benefits from your articles when the content in it is fresh, innovative or ground-breaking. Not only that… your article needs to be interesting to the visitors you have planned to target. A well drafted article must make the reader think and compel him to act. There is no use writing an article for a bunch of people who will surely like it but are incapable of getting converted into your customer. Thus the topic you choose must be able to attract people looking for the kind of products/services displayed on your website.

Publishing articles is also free and easy. But if you take the help of writing services from internet marketing companies, it might cost you a bit. It depends upon what you are looking for. If you think you can write good articles yourself then there is no need to ask professionals to do it for you.

Cosmos Creatives has some of the best writers who produce thought provoking articles. Their articles act as revenue generators for their clients. Article writing is part of the SEO package they offer. Get in touch with them through

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Website Could Still Be Incomplete

Creating a huge website is a challenge. It takes a lot of trouble to come up with the right design, colours, etc. But once you’re finally done with it, make sure the following is also incorporated by your webpage designers and web developers, or your website could still remain incomplete.

  • Loading speed:
People tend to click away from your website if it doesn’t load within 10 seconds.

If your website has been running since a few months, check its bounce rate. One of the reasons why visitors leave your site very quickly is because your website has low loading speeds. As life has now become fast paced the loading speed of your site needs to be taken seriously. Nobody has the time to wait, even if your site does have the information/product being searched for.

  • User-friendliness:
A website is generally created with the aspirations of the website owner in mind. Very often we forget that it should be created in the interest of no one but the target audience. This is the key to building an impressive website. Making your website user-friendly involves:

  • Keeping it simple and navigable
  • Having crisp and few central messages
  • Having a sitemap, an FAQ page and a search box
  • Insert proper and adequate contact details for credibility

Thus good loading speeds and user-friendliness are 2 factors without which your website could remain incomplete. Cosmos Creatives also checks websites for other factors like search engine friendliness and browser compatibility, ensuring that their clients website marketing efforts bear fruit and that they receive a good amount of ROI on their e-business.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colour: A Promotional Element on your Website

Colour is more important that you think. Every individual in this world is swayed by different colours everyday. Colour can motivate you to think harder, make a difficult problem seem easy, irritate you or increase your happiness. It makes you go hungry or even forces you to change your priorities. Such is the power of colour!

Therefore, even businesses and manufacturers make use of it in their products, on their websites, etc. in order to portray a certain expression and convince people to believe in them. Thus colour becomes an important promotional element that needs to be used wisely and carefully by webpage designers in your website design.

For example: a black background conveys mystery and risk. Thus it would make a great colour for the background of a website for a rock band. But if you are looking for a formal look, a white background would be the best. The other colours you add on in the form of graphics or content will also follow a deep meaning.

The colours below indicate the following emotions they trigger in people on a universal basis:

Red –Passion
Yellow –Cheer
Grey –Gloom
Blue –Peaceful/Secure
Orange –Healthy
Green –Stillness
Black –Grief/Mystery
White –Silence

But remember that the use of many colours on a single webpage may confuse the user. It may also distract him/her making the content hard to comprehend. As far as the online web solution experts at Cosmos Creatives are concerned, websites are designed keeping the colour preference of the target audience in mind. Visit us at for more information.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

SEO Is Different From SEM

People are often confused about the difference between SEO and SEM. SEO stands for search engine optimization while SEM stands for search engine marketing. SEO is a component of the bigger term SEM. It is one of the most cost-effective services to use for your website.

With the help of online SEO services you can ‘optimize’ your website by implementing the right keywords on each webpage, etc. in order to rank higher on search engines (organic or natural listings). But, SEM can help you drive traffic to your website through articles, press releases, social networks and other ways. In short, you can ‘market’ your website to an extensive group of people at a time, through SEM. So basically, SEO under SEM is an online marketing tool. SEM and SEO work towards the same goal.

As you already know, SEO is just one of the services provided below the SEM category by internet marketing companies. Here is a list of the remaining services that line up under SEM.

  • Pay per click
  • Measurement of return on investment
  • Affiliate marketing
  • RSS
  • E- mail marketing
  • Display marketing
  • Social Bookmarking

Cosmos Creatives carries out all kinds of online web solutions like those mentioned above. We not only provide SEM services but also provide animation, web designing, writing and software development services too. Learn more about online marketing services at

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Can We Do For Your Website?

Many people around the world think about creating a website in the thought of making millions out of it. It is possible to do that, as it has been proved by many young entrepreneurs who have retired by the age of 22. Thus people spend all they monetarily have on getting their website done in the best possible way by professional web designers. But at the end of it all, they are still disappointed. Now all that’s left is a beautiful website and no profits.

Our online marketing company Cosmos Creatives can help you out even in a situation like this. Chances are that there are no problems with your website. The fault perhaps lies in your internet marketing strategy or the lack of it. Sometimes businesses adopt the wrong channels and methods to publicize their website. This calls for an evaluation of your previous marketing efforts.

If there is a problem with the website, Cosmos Creatives can help you find the reason as to why it is so, by conducting an evaluation on it. We check if every link on your website is working and connecting to the right locations, we test the page loading times. We check the quality of your web content and find out if it has been duplicated. After that, we also let our writing services check the content for its relevancy to your business.

So if you think your website isn’t doing as well as it should be, contact us through or simply drop by our office.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Your Website Design Is Your 1st Impression

The attractiveness of your website is determined by the website design. If your site isn’t attractive enough or easy to navigate … your online business could be in a tight spot. Thus your website should be able to draw the attention of the visitor/viewer in the first 3 seconds of them viewing it. Experienced web developers and website designers are the only ones who will be able to make your site eye pleasing, interesting and user-friendly at the same time. It only makes acute sense when we plan our website along with professionals like these.

Putting time and thought into your website design:

Before you even think about working on your website, have a goal. Also be sure to plan every step that will take you towards that goal. A small aspect of planning also involves matching the idea of your e-business to the website design. This may be a small decision but is definitely a vital one that mustn’t be ignored. For example: A business executive site needs a more professional look compared to a site aimed at kids. A sites for kids need to be more colourful than sites for adults. Even your webpage designer will know about the implementation of logic like this. Thus they will surely have a fair idea about the percentage of the different page elements that need to be used on your unique website.

The web professionals at Cosmos Creatives our web solutions company has created websites for a wide variety of clients from various industries. Take a look at our portfolio at

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Web Design or Content?

The debate between website design and website content will always go on. People often argue by emphasizing either one of them in their opinions. Which one is more important anyway?

Unlike what most people think, numerous graphics and heavy content are not the keys to a good website. But the answer to the argument stated above is plain and simple. The use of original content by content writers and fresh designs by website designers are required in moderation for a successful website. If your website is cluttered and the content is great, do you think it could attract a sizable amount of readers or sales? Even if you have put up notable content:

  • The appearance of the site won’t fail to demotivate the reader to come back again… or
  • The person might not even bother to read the content of a site that looks dull and less credible.

This could happen the other way round with great design and poor content. Your site might have succeeded by calling people to stay on the landing page for some seconds. But the moment they come across anything like jargon, grammatical errors and irksome content …they would never want to come back to your site again.
Google is a great example of a simple yet successful site. Its design is neat and it avoids clutter.

For more information on the important elements involved in website promotion, visit

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking Out For Business Success?

Become part of the ‘BUZZ’ online.

It seems that social media mainly comprises the youth. Apart from the ‘nag factor’ theory (regarding kids influencing the buying decisions of their parents), internet marketing companies as well as businesses, are highly aware of the younger generation (youth) providing huge profits.

It is very difficult to influence the youth when it comes to certain ideas, but most of the time, they are very easy to influence. If your advertising message is powerful, modern and relevant according to their terms your business will be popular. The younger generation also has good money squandering capacity, this makes it all the more important to lure them through your online marketing campaign. But why are youngsters the most wanted audience today?

Today the youth has the power to accept your brand or deny it by simple ‘word of mouth’ communication. This is how community websites do more than you think for your business. When a user expresses his disappointment in your product, the buzz goes around and there are good chances that others reading that comment could also feel the same due to the halo effect. Thus users can easily make or break the reputation of your business. But on the other hand, if they make you popular, your business can enjoy profits overnight.

Learn more about advertising with the help of social media at


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aiming For Brand Recognition?

Social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, etc. have evolved drastically from being hangouts for bored teenagers to becoming famous online marketing tools. Almost everyone is on Facebook. Still, businesses forget that they can use social networking sites to their advantage for one of their main aims: brand recognition.

When your business joins conversations by being represented on Twitter, Facebook, etc. you are actually using each social networking site as an extension of your business. This helps widen your presence online. The best thing about these networks is that you can directly interact with your potential customers by providing them with any information they would like or by interacting with your past clients who already know your services and would be interested in what your company has to offer in the future. Communication with your clients on the universal web pages available on social networking sites also increases your credibility and their belief in your brand. Thus such sites are effective. They are also an easy to use form of internet marketing.

The use of proper language, responding to anything that people ask and keeping them interested in your new products and services can be difficult and time consuming. Therefore many like to rely on professionals who know how to use such services appropriately. Overusing this tool could also create drawbacks. Thus relying on online SEO services like Cosmos Creatives to do the job, seems to be a good idea for many.

For more information on the services provided by Cosmos Creatives, visit:

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