Tuesday, December 4, 2007

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

Lilting Christmas carols playing in the background as you browse through your favorite bookshop can sure make you get in the mood to indulge in some serious holiday shopping! So in goes a cook book for your mother, a do-it-yourself toy plane book for your son and it’s all because hearing “Silver Bells” makes you want to give a gift to someone special.

The holidays are the best time for raking in profits for a lot of restaurants, hotels, gift shops, record stores, electrical goods stores, etc. It does not take much advertising to make sales escalate in the holiday season. But it is important to remember the main reasons that underlie any celebration. Whether it be Easter, Hanukkah, Oktoberfest or Christmas the feeling of goodwill is pervasive. This feeling has to be present in any advertising campaign that a retailer makes use of.

Online, web customizations are a great way to cultivate this feeling of goodwill. Websites that are designed to make visitors or buyers get into a festive mood add to a websites appeal. Web designers add flash animations, catchy graphics and a lot of other little touches to bring out the festive spirit in a site visitor.

The result is a visitor who knows that the business which pays attention to holiday celebrations and memorials can be trusted with supplying deals and buys that the former can trust.

At Cosmos Creatives our website developers and website designers come up with imaginative ways to market a website online and drive up sales. Every effort is made to avoid the deviation of a website customization from the main purpose of a website.

Happy Holidays from the teams at Cosmos Creatives!

Private Label Articles:

The phenomenon of ghostwriting is not limited to the publishing world. Its presence is very real in the virtual world as well. An astonishing number of content writers write articles and web content for use by another party. These articles are commonly known as private label articles as they are passed along under private label rights [PLR].

Private label rights allow the purchaser to attach his name to the private label article. In a way it implies a legalized copying of content. But then again, search engines treat sites that have content that seems to be duplicated as scraper sites and do not index them. There doesn’t seem to be much logic in using private label articles when this is the case.

Think again.

Content writers are constantly on the look-out for new information. Research forms a main segment of their work. Every source that provides new and relevant information is important to be examined carefully. A private label article as such, feeds them with knowledge that can prove useful to their research. There is no dearth of article directories on the Internet that list articles that are rich in information.

Abuse of private label articles is not uncommon however. There are site owners and lesser writers who see private label articles as a convenient way to fill up their blogs or websites with reams and reams of content. It does not matter if the content is duplicated by a score of other sites or not. A little tweaking here, a little editing there and an article purchased under a PLR can be re-sold as private label article as article directories have no way of recognizing this.

At Cosmos Creatives, our content writing team use content that is original and is based on authentic research. A number of sources are examined and studied and content is written according to the theme of the topic.

Monday, December 3, 2007

White Hat And Black Hat:

Hackers and crackers are two words that are considered synonymous with each other in the world of computer security. Though their methods and techniques are similar in concept, their ethical motivations separate them from each other. Black hat crackers work to intrude into the security set up around data with the main intention of utilizing it for their own gain.

White hat crackers on the other hand, attepmt to use their knowledge for improving the security or repairing any flaws. Because of the nature of their work, both these groups are generally referred to as hackers.

In e-marketing circles, black hat and white hat are terms that are used to define the nature of the search engine optimization techniques that are used. Black hat SEO techniques usually involve methods that cause search engine algorithms into catapulting a page higher in the page rank listings.

Hidden text and links, text that is similar to the background, pages that are different from the ones submitted to the search engine, etc. are all techniques that come under black hat SEO. Site reviews and search engine algorithms sieve out such websites and either penalize them or push them lower in the page rank.

At Cosmos Creatives, the SEO techniques we make use of are completely ethical and confirm to the requirements of search engines. We maximize the security employed for each of our client sites and make sure that their websites rank high in search engine result pages via white SEO practices.

Visit us at Cosmos Creatives to know more about our content writing, online marketing and related services.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

MicroMedia Communication:

The ongoing technological evolution has made the devices and gadgets that we use smaller and faster. It is more convenient to use a cell phone for getting business done than using a computer.
Newspapers and magazines too have prefixed an ‘e’ and gone on to make communication of information even more rapidly available. Information that is concise and to the point is now available in the little device nestling in your pocket.

So blogs have transformed into mobile blogs or moblogs and short message services have given way to micromessaging services like Pownce and Twitter. MicroMedia has entered the information by lane.

MicroMedia makes it possible to keep in touch with business clients, associates and employees on a social platform. The result is an informal and affordable way to stay in touch.
Online marketers can use this new type of communication to accelerate growth for a business while nurturing business to client and business to business relationships in the long run. MicroMedia communication rules out the need for either party to have access to a computer as well, thus adding to its appeal.

With advancements in technology, a business has to pay attention to generating a brand image that does not intimidate the end user. It has to emphasize on user-friendliness and anytime access. MicroMedia communication helps achieve this objective.

At Cosmos Creatives, our teams of SEOs and e-marketers analyze consumer behavior and market dynamics. Concepts like MicroMedia are worked upon and attempts are made to understand how a business can be assisted in its growth.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Content Management And Maintenance:

Content management systems refer to a comprehensive collection and collaboration of image, audio, web content and electronic files and documents. Their main purpose underlies the basic principle of the Web 2.0 era, namely interaction.

Content management systems allow content to be shared by a network that could either be between members of a workspace or over the internet. Some CMSs even serve as archives of information.

Content writers, editors, publishers, administrators and the end users are the elements that influence the working of a content management system. A lot of CMS companies or CMS providers allow users to add blog postings, RSS feeds, images, video, etc. to their site.

At Cosmos Creatives, we assist with content management systems that serve as means of enhancing the end user experience. Our teams of web designers, content writers and web developers generate and manage systems that are able to meet the goals and objectives of our clients. There is a collaboration of resources and personnel which we encourage.

We also offer e-services like search engine optimization and quality online marketing solutions for businesses at competitive rates. Visit us online at www.cosmoscreatives.com

Friday, November 23, 2007

Stylish. Sleek. Rich:

When the devotees of the Web 2.0 era put their minds together, there are three words that are prominent in any idea they come up with- stylish, sleek and rich. It is how they entice the consumer. When e-marketers keep these three magic words in mind, they can accomplish more than half their work with minimum effort.

Working closely with web designers, online marketers formulate user interfaces that are immensely appealing to the end user while pleasing the search engine. One art style that has caught the fancies of a growing number of web designers is vector art. Though the concept has been around from a long time, advertising campaigns like the iPod silhouette as well as a lot of promo art used on a channel like MTV have led to its recent revival.

The advantage that a vector image has over the conventional raster image is its sharp image quality. While raster images are pixel based, vector images are made up of geometrical components. This allows an image to be moved, enlarged, scaled down or tweaked without losing out on quality.

Web designers find this art style immensely helpful as it gives them a lot of flexibility. Almost any design can be produced with the vast range of brush styles and image shapes that vector softwares come with.

At Cosmos Creatives, we utilize the best softwares available to produce visually striking websites. Vector art is just one of the art styles our web designing team is proficient in. Contact us at www.cosmoscreatives.com for a stylish, sleek and rich online presence.

Brand Recognition And Colors:

The very nature of the Internet deems it a powerfully psychological and visual medium. Fundamental elements like graphics, text and overall aesthetic appeal have to be balanced in a proper manner when creating a website. Among all these and other features like video, audio and interactive interfaces, web developers hold color to be the determining element for creating brand appeal.

The shades used and the contrasts maintained between different shades play a large role in generating a visual impact. Color also helps e-marketers in creating brand awareness for a business. For effective branding it is important to analyze the target market closely.

Research has proved that color used diligently directly affects readership, increasing it by 40 percent. The right blend of emphasized and under-played areas has to be applied when creating a website. The site visitor should know which areas on a web page require more attention with a mere glance.

A month ago, Google had a complete ‘black out’, i.e. instead of the standard white background and black text, it displayed a reversal of the two colors. The idea behind this was a campaign to raise awareness about an energy conservation event that was held in San Francisco. Google was roped in for the campaign due to its popularity and high visibility. The campaign was a success even though the most basic colors were used.

At Cosmos Creatives we understand the co-relation between colors and a brand. Our team of web designers expertly designs a website using the right colors. A brand promoted by us is a brand that is high in visual impact without losing out on its substance.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Communication Via New Media:

The truth is out there, within reach. The question is how we reach it. The new media has got some really interesting tools to come within grasp of the truth. Armed with ammunition like podcasts, blogs, virtual universes, social networks, cell phones, video games and more, the new media has launched an intense campaign to conquer our lives.

But the average consumer is not complaining at this intrusion. Education and communication of information has never been more fun with the new media way of interaction. Joe Kraus, the founder of JotSpot, a software producer for wikis comments, “The old media model was: there is one source of truth. The new media model is: there are multiple sources of truth, and we will sort it out”.

With the concept of Instant Journalism, conveying news does not require the talents of a news reporter or a journalist any more. The agents of information have changed with free, accessible and instant publishing and broadcasting.

Chris Anderson, editor of ‘Wired’ magazine comments on the rising popularity of the new media saying, “We are entering an age of cultural richness and abundant choice that we've never seen before in history. Peer production is the most powerful industrial force of our time”.

At Cosmos Creatives we keep an eye on the dynamic and constantly evolving world of technology. Our websites and web portals are designed keeping the new media workings in mind. Consumers and clients alike are satisfied with our cleverly designed websites. You can view our work at www.cosmoscreatives.com.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

E-marketing Real Estate Properties:

75 percent. That’s the number of real estate dealers who dabble in online marketing and get high profits. Are you a part of these techno-savvy real estate group?

The low cost, high return edge Internet marketing has over traditional print media and advertises is significant. A lot of real estate agents, brokers and developers are beginning to see the prudence in adapting this method for marketing their properties.

According to Regina Lewis, consumer advisor for AOL, “Playing your online cards right, is not just smart anymore… it’s make or break”. There is logic in this statement.

Search engine optimizers or SEOs know all the tricks of the market, and supplemented with technologically sophisticated web designers, a business’ web presence has no direction to follow than up in the search engine web page ranking. This ranking is essentially the popularity measurer for a website.

Real estate websites in this day and age no longer need to feature dry and boring market figures, grainy property images and unoriginally practical tips and advice. It is now possible to incorporate user friendly ideas like social networking, virtual 3D tours, digital photographs, interactive games, podcasts, and information-rich web logs in websites. The ultimate goal of an SEO is to satisfy the end-user while also managing to please the search engines.

These features also help in keeping the end users hooked onto your real estate website. Past, existing and potential users are retained in the long term with such market-attracting ideas. The market also widens for your business. You can conduct your real estate business in one part of the U.S.A and market it to people living all over the country and even abroad.

So get going. Cosmos Creatives is here to assist you in adding that extra edge to your real estate business. Our capable search engine optimizers and creatively advanced web designers know all the tricks that can keep your existing market hooked while drawing others to it.

Search Engines, Your Web Page And The Invisible Web.

They are important ‘creatures’ in the virtual world, the web spiders. They are entrusted with the important task of recognizing web pages existing in their database and including them in a web search. Obtaining new pages, updating existing ones, and deleting obsolete pages are what they do.

For a spider to find a web page, the page has to be linked to by another page. If there has been no linking, then another way to bring a web page to the notice of the crawlers is by sending the site URL to search engine companies and requesting them to include the new page into their search. Most search engines operate several spiders at a time.

The next step is indexing, where the pages are sent to another computer program, where links, keywords, etc. play a major role in identifying the relevancy and the relation of a web page to the search. The search engine picks up only pages that are relevant from their database which exists on servers and feature them on search engine results page.

Some pages, however, do not come up in search engine searches. They form that part of the web known as the ‘Invisible Web’ or ‘Deep Web’. In a study, the University of California, Berkeley, estimated that the ‘Deep Web’ contained approximately 91,000 terabytes of data and 550 billion individual documents. There are reasons why the web spiders cannot access these pages.

One reason can be the problem of them being too inane or irrelevant or badly conceptualized, thus posing the problem of too much clutter. Another reason is the presence of technical barriers where spiders cannot perform by themselves. For instance, pages where access is granted only by typing manually, member’s only sites, etc.

At Cosmos Creative Services, our SEO team submits your website using accurate techniques that make it easy for algorithmic crawlers [spiders] to notice and provide links to and ultimately result in being picked up by a search engine quickly.

What HTML Does To A Website:

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Used as a tool for designing websites, it can also be referred to as the skeletal system of a website. Directions on how the text, images, and other components are going to be linked with one another are all laid out in the HTML code of a website. It puts life into the page.

When a surfer types in his query in a search engine, he is presented with a list of results, any of which he can select. The web site that has come up first in the list of results that the search has generated has been able to do so because it is more popular than the other sites. This is where SEO comes into play. SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. It is a very effective marketing tool employed by site owners and e-marketing wizards to increase a site’s relevancy.

HTML and SEO, when combined form a powerful force. The simple interface HTML applies in generating a website enables the basic information featured on a website to be made available to a search engine, which skips past the flash of the site. Originality of the content plays a major role here as it has a lot of bearing in how soon the site is picked up b the search engine and made available to the surfer.

Log on to Cosmos Creatives, to see for yourself how effective we are in SEO.

An Interesting User Interface And Its Appeal:

A visual treat is sought continually by mankind in general. Some fine examples: the Seven Wonders of the World, Las Vegas splendor, Zen architecture, haute couture, million dollar houses, etc. It’s a continuous quest for visual gratification. When Aristotle classified the human senses into smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight all those centuries ago, he could not have envisioned the importance which today’s dotcom world places on the latter sense.

Beautiful and attractive web spaces on the WWW are made possible by an increasing number of professionals known as web designers and web developers. Using technologies like Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver, MySQL, Linux, Javascript, Flash, etc. developers are able to create and provide a business with a dynamic online presence. The more appealing and inviting a webpage is, the more a surfer and maybe even a potential buyer will pay attention to it. How else would your web page stand out from the scores of pages that come up in search engine results along with our page?

A lot of the technologies listed above also are distributed freely, which makes it easier for a professional to draw from a wider pool of tools and hone his skills. The web development and designing industry has faced a fast paced growth since the mid 1990s and the increasing number of businesses looking for a wider consumer audience has in no mean way contributed to this field’s popularity. The dip in web site development and hosting costs too has been substantial, allowing for more and more large businesses and small firms alike to add a quality look and feel to their web space with minimal costs.

At Cosmos Creatives, our team of professional and experienced web developers and designers pay great attention to detail and have an exceptional sense of design and layout. We make sure that all your web development needs are met. Our appealing designs and high quality interfaces are guaranteed to result in an increase in traffic to your web page.

The Bane Of E-marketing - Spam:

Junk mail, unsolicited e-mail, unwanted mail, etc. are some of the terms used to describe this pernicious occurrence on the Internet known as spam. Known to plague large organizations and average net users alike, the presence that spam has in the virtual world seems like one that is going to be everlasting.

E-marketing has largely been associated with spam. With sellers offering products ranging from Viagra to free credit cards and iPods at a discount, spam has attached its unnecessary tag to the very important and useful concept of e- mail marketing.

The one abiding factor of valid e-mail marketing is the option it provides the consumer to opt for updates, information and reminders of a particular product. The consumer is assured that he will not be inundated with mails that clutter his inbox. The seller thus rides on a trust factor with e-mail marketing unlike spam which is easily recognized by a user. The seller offers his services which are decidedly virus free and the consumer is provided with the option to either accept it or reject it.

At Cosmos Creatives, we make use of ethical methods like the ones mentioned above when it comes to e-mail marketing. With the techniques we apply, your consumer is saved from the problems most buyers face when it comes to e-mail marketing.

We value our consumer database and make every effort to ensure that our consumers are the ones who profit the most from our services. The decision to receive e-mails on updates and product details rests solely with our consumers. We also apply the best security measures available when it comes to combating spam.

At Cosmos Creatives the e-mail marketing techniques we utilize are ethical and do not waste your company’s resources and costs.

Stay Away From Being An MFA Site:

Plagiarism has had a consistently malign presence in not only traditional media but electronic as well. Optimized intellectual freedom while being the one of the driving factors of the Internet’s popularity brought along an exasperating problem with it; it was called web scraping. Till date many website developers and businesses are grappling with this problem.

Scraper sites are usually the frontrunners in adapting this concept. Cut-copy-paste is the name of the game for them and content is picked up directly at times from other sites. One explanation for scraper sites employing such methods is because it is convenient for them to rank high in search engine results.

There is technology available which spews out keywords in multitude and variety. Incorporating them into these sites is child’s play for such abusers of the system. Search engines are easily tricked. But there are businesses and marketing firms that hire questionable writers to web scrape for an amount like $1 for 500 words.

Advertising programs like Google AdSense have further increased the proliferation of scraper sites, so much that a separate term- MFA or Made For AdSense- has been coined to describe them.

A surfer visiting a website can click on an advertisement and by doing so enable the site owner to make a profit from Google as the latter is offering the business a platform to feature the advertisement. MFA sites have exploited this system by existing for the sole purpose of getting people to click on the adverts the site displays.

At Cosmos Creatives, professional content writers develop and create content that is original in nature. We stay true to the ideals of online marketing. Your site is a far-cry from being an MFA site with our efforts.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Client - SEO Relation:

A contract entered into by search engine optimizers and their clients have an underlying agreement ingrained with the expectations of each party. The quality of work expected from the SEO by the latter is the most prominent feature of this agreement. This is an expected point. Observed from the client’s point of view, he is putting in the finances so such expectations are justified. However, it is crucial for the client to remember that SEOs cannot always deliver the exact same results. For certain, there are going to be inconsistencies present.

For any e-marketing strategy to be successful, the client has to have a rock-solid business plan. It cannot be copied from a rival company’s business methods. It has to be unique. There are some strategies known to work better for some businesses and against for other businesses. The business plan also has to be as flexible as the market is dynamic. SEOs can accordingly accommodate their strategies to take into account market fluctuations.

SEOs are known to be adept at recognizing those sections of the market that demonstrate the potential for bringing in higher profits than the rest. The formulated business plan has to be understood accurately by SEOs in order to assure long term profits for the business.

It is the client’s responsibility to approve keywords and content besides involving himself in the e-marketing campaign. A personal touch is always a good thing. Without active participation on part of the client, the entire e-marketing plan can fall apart.

Cosmos Creatives works hard to synchronize ideas between clients and their in-house SEOs. Each stage of the optimization process is carefully worked upon for getting optimized results.

Links And Website Popularity:

Link building strategies are very beneficial where search engine optimization is concerned. SEOs depend a lot on links to ensure the website’s search engine ranking in the long term while also improving its Google page rank.

There are three types of links that matter for search engine optimizers. Internal links which inter-link the pages of your website, outbound links which are links from your website to another site and inbound links which are links to your site from another site.

One important issue that has to be kept in mind when outbound and inbound links are concerned is the relevancy of the linked-to and linked-from website to the contents of your website. The quality and quantity of traffic that these related websites attract also play an important role in determining your website’s visibility status.

Back links are the main links that SEO holds in importance. Based on their quality, Google awards its page rank to a particular website. They keep your website visible for the web crawlers and spiders. These crawlers are responsible for updating and regularly visiting your website. By doing so, they prevent your website from being treated as spam.

At Cosmos Creatives, we utilize highly effective link building strategies which not only assure your page rank in Google, but also increase your website’s popularity. Visit us to know more about our dynamic SEO techniques.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Online Marketing Tips To Alleviate Your Offline Presence:

A growing fraction of businesses, large and small alike are tapping the power of the Internet to expand their reach. E-marketing or online marketing techniques have proved to be effective tools in today’s technologically advanced world. By taking away time and space barriers, e-marketing has bridged the gap that was created between the buyer and the seller. Opening and closing hours no longer matter to either.

Integrating the offline advertising campaign of a particular business with the online marketing campaign is a must if a wider market has to be reached. The web address of a company can be displayed on business cards, letter heads used for correspondence, flyers, etc.; while the company logo, products and services can be displayed on specific locations on the web site.

Tools like Pay-per-click, RSS feeds, blogs, etc. are also very effective in educating the target audience about a company’s goods and services. Cosmos Creatives makes use of all of these tools besides others to increase traffic to a business’ site. Our web development team is able to design features like shopping cart, easily navigable interfaces, feed back forms, etc. which not only help the seller in analyzing his market but also enabling him in building a database.

At Cosmos Creatives, the e-marketing plans we formulate are further consolidated by following up on consumer response through offline and online e-mails informing past, current and potential consumers about any news on discounts and special offers. The consumers are provided with the option of signing up for regular and periodic updates. The consumer is always important for us and we design your website keeping their needs in mind.

Socially Forward:

Social networking, a by-product of the Web 2.0 era, allowed users to voice their thoughts over the internet and interact with each other better, socially as well as professionally. Most networking sites like BlogMemes, Reddit and Badoo feature handy tools like discussion boards, communities or groups on particular interests, access to a member’s blog page, and review boards.

Social book marking, which is actually part of social media marketing strategies, is one of the techniques utilized by SEOs. This strategy allows businesses and marketers to promote their brands by displaying them on different social media networks like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, etc.

The tag and ranking options provided on such sites allow the content of a website to be displayed in search engine result pages. The crawlers pick out the targeted keywords and business names which occur in the discussions that are threaded or linked to as well. The more often a page is linked or ranked, the better its chances of being featured in search engine result pages.

There are a lot of forums, blogs and even websites that feature icons below articles or photos or random content. These icons allow a user to tag or bookmark the part of a page the user finds interesting. It is then featured on his profile in the social networking or bookmarking site which he belongs to. Users visiting his site can also view the bookmarked pages and do the same, thus widening the audience.

Such options are more relevant as they do away with classifications worked out by mechanical web crawlers that are on no account as appropriate as human classification.

At Cosmos Creatives, professional search engine optimizers make use of social bookmarking techniques to boost your website’s visibility. Know more: http://www.cosmoscreatives.com/

Keep These In Mind When Spreading The Virus:

There are valid reasons why online marketing techniques are such a popular concept among e-marketers; and optimized interaction, a low cost of development and speed definitely are some of the reasons for this popularity.

When e-marketing professionals use viral marketing methods, they usually remember two main concepts- ‘free’ and ‘easy access’. If blog publishers, site owners and search engines are going to market a particular product or service, they would rather be paid for their efforts than not be paid at all. It is the responsibility of the retailer to make the process easier for them. Who else would know a service better than a retailer himself?

Any article written by a retailer or e-marketer that features on a website, blogsite, or manual has to have its source cited. This way not only does the retailer get visibility but also gains credibility.

Freebies, Internet gadgets and softwares are the best objects to give away online. Everybody loves a free deal. When users are allowed to use these freebies flexibly, it helps a retailer to further establish his product’s reliability. Retailers should take care to attach one stipulation though, that their brand be displayed wherever the product is used.

They should also allow people to link back to their main website, thus advertising your free website directory. Users should be allowed to add their links to the retailer’s directory as well.

Using such intelligent viral marketing concepts e-marketers formulate winning strategies for online retailers. Visit Cosmos Creatives to know more about how effective such services have proved for our clients.

Selecting A Good Web Host:

Server space and Internet connectivity on servers are two main services provided by a web hosting company. They also provide data center space and Internet connectivity for servers they do not own in their data center.

Web hosting companies exist in multitude on the Internet and most of are rather expensive. Some are large scale and some not very recognized. The best way to select a good provider is by checking reviews by users of such services in open forums and web hosting directories.

There are different services provided by different web hosts. For example, a shared web hosting service places a web site on the same server as other sites, while a colocation web hosting service provides the physical space for the server and also manages the server. The latter is also more expensive then the former. Scan each web host company carefully before settling in on one.

A site owner also has to check if the web host is providing related services like virtual private networks [VPNs], back ups, e-mail management, security, VOIP, domain registration, blog hosting, shopping cart features and video hosting.

Cosmos Creatives uses technologically sophisticated servers providing some the best features mentioned above besides others more. Our web hosting services work in tandem with our search engine optimization efforts.

To know more visit our website at: http://www.cosmoscreatives.com/

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Communication Via Internet Languages:

The late 1980s saw some of the first breakthroughs in creating websites taking place at CERN. It led to a boost in popularity of the internet as a medium of communication and broadcaster of information. A new stratum of professionals emerged who became indispensable to businesses with their skills in harnessing this newly unleashed media.

GML or General Markup Language was the first ever language these
web developers used for composing web pages. It was influenced by Script which pioneered the concept of styles being separated from the marked up document. GML allowed for processing same source files to produce books, reports and electronic editions. A drawback of this language was it was limited to only document formats.

SGML or Standard General Markup Language was then introduced, which proved to be an intermediary for manipulating and exchanging text documents. SGML, in turn was used as a base for another language, HTML or Hypertext Markup Language, which allowed the developers to use fixed tags for composing a website. SGML’s more recent descendant, XML or Extensible Markup Language, allows users flexibility in terms of defining their own tags.

XML, made new kinds of Java based applications possible.
JavaScript, a scripting language [not to be confused with the programming language Java], allowed an individual to add new elements and attributes to a webpage, besides re- structuring options, without having to know any other complex languages. JavaScript also enabled a shift from static HTML displays.

Ajax [Asynchronous JavaScript and XML] is another JavaScript based programme, which reveals and updates parts of a web page as a systematic process. The attributes of Web 2. 0 can be seen in such a programme where interaction between the user and the web site is made possible. Google Maps is a good example of Ajax techniques.

Our website packaging at
Cosmos Creative Services includes graphic design, coding of web pages and interactive web applications. We use languages like HTML, XML, JavaScript, etc. to make this possible. This enables the website to be easily accessed to by search engines.

The New And Improved Web:

The new and improved World Wide Web just brought the virtual world closer and made the real one smaller.

Interaction is the main trait of the Web 2.0 concept. There are many web based communities like
podcasts, blogs, web application programming interfaces (APIs), RSS feeds, online web services such as eBay and Gmail, and online social networking websites that cohesively work to make Web 2.0 a power to stay.

The fundamentals underlying the Web 2.0 concept are very cut-and-dried. The web is a platform, and the data is what drives it.

An easy user-friendly interface is one of the prime concerns that businesses consider when making use of the Web 2.0 meme. There has to be level of involvement present when a user or surfer visits a website. A symbiosis of value and knowledge is essential.

The user contributes to the website’s function and the website adds value to the user’s experience. But ultimately it is the user who decides what is important and what is not. Web 2.0 companies build systems that get better with the increase in the amount of people using them.

Web 2.0 turns the web into a global brain by harnessing collective intelligence. At
Clear Media Online we make sure that the force of the internet shall stay with you.

Prowling The Internet Byways With SEOs:

Truth: An expert is an expert.
Ultimate truth: A professional is the best kind of expert.

That’s cut-and-dried logic for you.
Search engine optimizers are essentially consultants whose services stand-alone businesses and online marketing firms utilize for pitching themselves into the spotlight in the visible World Wide Web. It is the responsibility of the SEO to magnify the appeal and quality of content on a particular website.

Well-thought out content peppered appropriately with pertinent keywords has a better chance of being picked up by a search engine like Google and Live Search. The better the visibility of the website, the higher it will rank in a SERP. A high ranking can in turn attract even more traffic to the website and ultimately offer more scope for business.

SEOs, with their methods of optimizing searches, are in the position of being exposed to a diverse and immense amount of data on the Internet. Knowledge garnered in such a fashion holds great value where thinking up relevant keywords and interesting content is concerned.

Cosmos Creatives, our professionals realize the value of right information. Our SEO professionals apply strategies which are innovative as well as creative. We know our business intensely and optimizing your business is our forte.

Contact us
here for some of the best SEO services available in the World Wide Web.

Maximizing The Internet For Profits:

The concept of affiliate marketing had its roots in revenue sharing which paid a commission to any business that was referred. Affiliate marketing offers a straight-forward and economical option for businesses to advertise their services on an extensive network at a fraction of the cost that is incurred in other advertising methods like ad banners.

The websites or blogs which feature these advertisements also stand to earn money as each time a visitor clicks on the advertisement; the affiliate network pays him a part of the commission collected from the retailer.

In turn, the publisher or site owner has an opportunity of making his site or blog more interesting by providing the link to services which correlate to the material contained on his page.

Visitors to the webpage thus can attest for themselves the relevancy of the particular site and based on that keep visiting the page regularly and also introduce more visitors to it. More visitors correspond to an increased scope for business.

e-marketing concept is very useful as it involves minimal effort and negligible costs and in itself is more like an added service that is provided b the Internet.

Cosmos Creatives, recognizes the potential that an affiliate marketing campaign holds for increasing the reach of an online business. From the pre-launch of a product to the management of the entire campaign, we have linkups with the best affiliates.

Cultivating Your Corporate Blog:

When blogging as a platform stepped into mainstream communication, it revolutionized the way public opinion was raised. Just about anyone could publish what they thought on the Internet. And what’s more, it was free.

The increase in user-friendly blogging softwares and tools added to the popularity of this medium of communication. While traditional methods of publishing involve time and money, blogging made it possible for users to update their respective blogs as frequently as they desired. The wheel of knowledge sharing was set in motion.

This brilliant method of publishing was capitalized upon by corporate houses who seen the marketing potential it presented. The
business blog was the result of public relation strategies for marketing a business’ goods and services online.

Businesses now had a platform where they could reach out to their target market and interact with them through tools like feedbacks, surveys, polls and comments. While most of the content is biased to a certain extent, first-hand information is the main advantage which consumers have.

Setting up a
corporate blog can be done either by an employee or by the owner of the business. However, for creating and managing a more professionally designed blog it is advisable to accept the services of online marketing experts. These professionals are usually proficient in web designing services and e-marketing strategies. Most also possess a trove of knowledge and content writing abilities.

E-marketing professionals are in the know about forces that drive a market. They are well-versed in public relation concepts. Cosmos Creatives is one such online marketing company.

e-marketing campaigns include creating and managing an interesting and regularly updated blog for out clients. Our content writers are aware about the latest developments affecting market conditions and work accordingly to take your business to another level.

Chemistry, Online Marketing And Offline Campaigns:

Your one year old legal advice business has got advertisement space on the local cable network. The local newspapers are advertising your services regularly as well. Business is picking up very well in your local town, just as you had envisioned. It is time to expand your reach to a wider audience. But it is going to be a while before you actually set up a branch in another town. However, you want to test the market before you take such a leap. How can you do something like that?

Through the Internet. While offline campaigns can help you establish your trust in the real world,
online marketing campaigns can help you set up credibility in the virtual world. The market is certainly wider on the Internet.

E-marketers, with their campaigns for marketing a business online, are a group of marketing professionals who can boost your business considerably. There are a hundred different methods they can apply. They can sum up your business and regularly allow you to dispense advice and information through podcasts, corporate blogs, business e-mails and mobile e-mail alert services. And these are just a few of the methods they are known to apply.

Cosmos Creatives, is an e-marketing company possessing such professionals. Our methods are innovative and diverse. We are attuned to a constantly evolving market. Break-throughs are carefully scrutinized for their marketing potential. We offer online marketing solutions that are customized for your business.

Chemistry is an important factor while determining the best way to tackle a market. Our
e-marketing methods utilize an effective mix of informal interaction, friendly user appeal and out-of-the-box thinking, while maintaining a level of professionalism.

We encourage consumers to provide their feed-back and provide them with uncomplicated tools to assist them in the same. The consumer is always right, and we believe we can attract the right consumer for boosting your business significantly.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The How’s And Why’s Of E-mail Marketing:

According to studies, US companies annually spend about $40 billion on direct marketing via post, with half the expenditure incurring from stamps alone. Compared to sales delivered by other e-marketing methods like banner ads which cost $71.89, paid searches which cost $26.75 and affiliate programs which cost $17.47, e-mails cost less than $7. And for every dollar that marketers spend on e-mail marketing, there is an ROI of $48.29 expected.

Statistics as these only go on to emphasize the efficacy of the humble e-mail which has transitioned from a personal correspondence medium to one that allows your business to add a personal touch its service. E-mail marketing thus not only reduces the advertising cost for the producer while bringing the consumer closer to the product but also serves as a branding tool for the former. 35% of e-mail users open their messages just for the subject line’s appeal. Inserting the company name in the subject line itself can increase this rate to 60%.

With an increasing number of businesses plying their wares on the information highway through e-mails, consumers are definitely not complaining. 81% of US executives are reported to subscribe to industry e-mail newsletters for product information and business intelligence according to the Wall Street Journal. Businessmen further attest to the efficacy of
e-mail marketing by acknowledging that the Internet and e-mail are the best ways for advertisers to reach them.

Cosmos Creatives, we understand these statistics the best. When we send a consumer an e-mail, we ensure that your business grows significantly. Market analysis, database increase, consumer behavior, etc. are all observed carefully, and appropriate e-marketing strategies are employed.

Here A Tag, There A Tag, Everywhere A Tag Tag:

It’s pretty easy to tag/label an object or person. We’ve been learning to do it from kindergarten. Pigeon- holing anything and everything there is at your disposal sounds fun. And to an extent it is, though in a positive way. The 1990’s introduced the meta element in the world of web development and search engine optimization. These tags proved handy for SEOs, who used them in order to garner higher search engine rankings for their clients, which ultimately resulted in better visibility for their respective websites.

When creating meta tags it is important to avoid creating the same meta tags for every page of your website. Meta tags include title meta tags, description meta tags, and keyword meta tags. Of these, the title meta tag is the most important, as it is what visitors to your website will see featured on their browser when on your page. It is also what the search engine picks up when considering the ranking a particular page has to receive.

The description meta tags are not that important, but doesn’t hurt to have one; as in a way, it gives a peek to what is on your page.
Copy writing it in a dynamic style compels a searcher to accept your website as a search result by clicking on it. The keyword meta tags are the more trickier to create than the other two meta tags. Wrong keywords will tag YOU as a spammer and could lead to penalization. The most used keywords in your page should be the ones that are included in the keyword meta tags for your website.

Each type of meta tags are important in their own way where
high search engine rankings are concerned. The right combination of these three meta elements can boost your site to higher rankings and attract more traffic to your website.

Cosmos Creatives, we understand concepts like these. Our accomplished team of SEO experts apply strategies like these to elevate your website’s search engine rankings.

Effective E-marketing And Copywriting:

Why does a particular website turn up as the first result in a web search? Is it because it has interesting photographs or cool graphics? Maybe it has simply made good use of e-marketing strategies.

E-marketing, while a dominant factor in making or breaking a website, is hardly effective without a good website to promote. Such a website is only created keeping a combination of graphics, text and user-friendly features in mind. But just pasting on a few attractive pictures and graphics on to a website does not a popular website make.

All the flash and dazzle of a website has to be promoted effectively and explicitly to the user. Enter the copywriter. In essence,
copywriters are known as web content writers in the e-marketing business. It is their responsibility to soft-sell the website’s various features and benefits to the target audience. The quality of content is what establishes the website’s credibility in the World Wide Web.

Search engines might at times pick up the inane and rank them high in search results. There certainly are means to do so. But what persuades the consumer to champion a particular site over a score of other similar sites is undoubtedly the originality and authenticity of the content featured in the same.

Cosmos Creatives, we understand this. Skilled web content writers carefully research the market and what drives it. We effectively use all the resources at our disposal to ensure that not only your website attains relevancy, but also establishes its credibility.

Building A Clientele Via SMM:

Social Media Marketing or SMM refers to e-marketing via a social network site such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, VideoJug, Yahoo! 360 or FriendFinder. With the plethora of options available to a business with the advent of Web 2.0’s interaction mantra, SMM offers a very lucrative way of garnering brand awareness. Videos, interactive presentations, blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds are just a fraction of the options at the disposal of the e-marketer.

The most basic step in building a clientele online via social networking is by establishing a profile. It is your medium to market your services to your target audience. The more interesting and succinct you are in showcasing your goods and services, the easier it is for your market to approach you. The benefit of
social media marketing is such that it provides a business the chance to be more informal in its approach. The market not only widens, but also remains loyal.

Once your social profile is created, you can utilize the service for building a friend and potential client list. The members of this list can then tag, describe, vote, comment, bookmark, link, or promote you on other profiles, communities, news, blogs, online publications or even their own websites. Continuous client interaction, offering them easy access to your updates and original content is a must to ensure
SMM’s consistent efficacy.

Social networking while soft-selling your goods and services to a wider and more diverse clientele, also links you to associate sites and similar businesses. This provides you with the opportunity to learn more about your own services while accessing newer types of
e-marketing strategies which these other businesses are sure to apply.

Cosmos Creatives, our SEOs utilize these ‘relationship’ marketing tactics in order to strengthen your existing clientele while searching for newer clients. Visit us here to learn more about our innovative strategies.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Amongst the most important targets of SEO, one is to augment the page rank of the websites. It influences the evidence as well as recognition of a site on the internet. But building higher page ranking in search engines is quite a intricate task.

Selecting the right keywords can affect the page rank activity competently:

Keywords in URL:
Keywords in URL constantly give an enhanced position on the search engines.

Keywords in tag:
The spiders don’t always read images but they do read the textual descriptions in the tag. So if there is an image in your page, make sure to fill the tag with some keywords about them.

Keywords in Meta Tags
Though some sites don’t use Meta Tags but a lot of search engines still count on these Meta Tags. Therefore it is critical to fill these tags properly.

Keyword density in document text:
It is important for any article to contain 4-6% major keywords but at the same time, one should not exceed more than 12%.

Tag keywords in title tag:

Title tag is the key, as what is written inside the title tag shows in search engines results as your page title. The title tag must be short of around 7 words & the key word should be near the beginning on your whole title.

Keywords in headings:
Keywords can also be applied on the heading tags.

Cosmos Creatives is a turn-key internet solutions company with a through understanding of the requirements of an array of e-Services ranging from Web Designing, Online Marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, Graphic Design, Animation, Content Management and Software Development amongst others.

At Cosmos Creatives, we assure your site higher rankings and traffic with our team of professionals.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Pay Per Click advertising is a search engine marketing technique. Here the advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the advertiser’s link to visit his website.

Advertisers commonly hinge on keywords being typed in by a user in the search bar when investigating for a specific service or product. PPC advertising works through a bidding process.

It demonstrates to be a good bid for small to mid-size companies who are trying to find exposure in the market with their products. PPC remains the most competent and successful way to publicize your bussiness online.

One can choose from PPC Campaigns running on different search engines with various budgets. You can start as low as $100 and go as high as $10,000 or even higher.

Cosmos Creatives is one of the foremost names for organizing PPC campaigns, along with SEO services. PPC with SEO is an exceptional amalgamation to build up website rankings and getting more hits for the website. Cosmos Creatives has lucratively executed PPC campaigns in the past for our esteemed clients.

Cosmos Creatives persistently continues updating to novel and most recent technologies to offer appropriate service to our clients. Here, the endeavor is to supply the maximum benefit to our clients so that they can attain maximum contentment.

At Cosmos Creatives, the aim is to show the clients, how best to invest in this quickly growing; tremendously efficient, yet exceedingly aggressive market, easily and with a very low initial investment.

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Build a link:

Link exchange is the most admired and the most competent way of link building. If you know numerous webmasters, try to ask them if they want to add your link to their sites and in turn you would also add their URL in your own website. If you can acquire many link exchanges, then you can efficiently boost your page rank.

Link Popularity is the number of links pointing to your website from other sites on the internet. Building links and escalating link popularity are two of the most crucial factors in getting top placement on the major search engines.

Link building cannot really put you on the top of page results just as easily, you need to do it the right way. At Cosmos Creatives, Link Building is not just adding in as much links as you want in several websites, there is a stratagem and system that Cosmos Creatives pursues on how you can effectively use link building in improving your page rank.

If one wants to amplify his page rank, one can buy links to perk up their SEO. At Cosmos Creatives we are cautious on which sites to buy links from. Selecting the site that is high in traffic, high in PR and with contents connecting to your website is paid the highest degree of significance at Cosmos Creatives.

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Look right: Sponsored links:

Sponsored link is a hyperlink that has been placed in into a web page since the advertiser has accepted to pay the site owner for a link insertion. A sponsored link can be a text link, a graphic link or a banner ad link.

Sponsored links are usually billed on a pay per click, when Web surfers click on an advertisement and visit the advertiser’s site. Charges are made on a preset amount that the advertiser has settled to pay. One does not pay a huge sum in advance for an advertisement which may or may not result in any visits to your site. One only pays for visits which result from their sponsored listing - not for visits to their web site from other sources.

The cost of sponsored links generally rests on a bidding method, where higher bids result in more important placement. The procedure of sponsored link functions on an auction model where advertisers bid on the keywords or topics that will trigger their ads.

Sponsored link
service efficiently boosts site listing in commercial categories.

At Cosmos Creatives, we have a team of proficient people, who work hard to spawn utmost traffic to your site by inserting your links with the top search engines ensuring you the best possible results.

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Organic listings:

Listings that emerge in normal search results and are not paid for are known as natural or organic listings. Sites appear exclusively since a search engine has considered it editorially significant for them to be incorporated; despite of payment. These listings are linked to keywords in the search engine's index.

There are two types of search engine listings- natural & paid listings. Paid listings are also called as sponsored listings & usually form a special section on a search engine. Natural listings are the sites which one can access without paying. Natural listings are determined by the search engines' algorithms for finding, sorting and ranking pages based on relevancy. Natural listings are considered more accurate by searchers. Getting in natural listings is better than paid listings.

At Cosmos Creatives, in detail analysis and optimization process concentrates on how to increase higher natural search engine listings.

Cosmos Creatives focuses on performing compatibility analysis, analyzing keywords, metadata and site structure, analyzing HTML and dynamic code, analyzing textual content, analyzing your linking structure, we observe the 'on the page' and 'off the page' factors affecting your web site, maintain optimization throughput the life of the web site.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Pay per click management:

Pay per click management concerns to the objective of providing listings on a per-bid basis by search engines.

Triumphant PPC campaigns tender elevated returns and brand-building opportunities. But every campaign needs to be supervised and this takes a lot of time. Bid wars get very fiery, bid gaps can occur many times in as brief as one day. Pay per click campaigns, calculated by the professionals at Cosmos Creatives are positive to spawn additional Sales, additional Enquiries, elevated ROI & Lower Cost per Acquisition.

PPC management service at Cosmos Creatives ensures that your campaigns are targeted, inexpensive, and responsible, constructing brand presence and breeding leads at a competitive ROI. Regular observation on the return is ensured by the in house experts at Cosmos Creatives.

Cosmos Creatives
first chooses the terms for PPC management services followed by opening you an account for the services. Cosmos Creatives calculates the best justified position by your company & depending on your bid amount and other terms, registers your site on diverse sites.

With Cosmos Creatives, you can get your site scheduled with the foremost search engines over the internet. So whether you are a new baby to the web or are enjoying your old age, our acquaintance and skill is sure to take you years ahead.

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Link building in a different way:

Link baiting is simply link building but in an unusual way.

In the course for link baiting, one doesn’t have to go penetrating for links. In actual fact the purpose of link baiting is to magnetize links to your site focusing the content as your tool.

In order to bait a link, one needs a hook. Hooks are basically of five types- News, Contrary, Attack, Resource and Humor. Link baiting applies to initiating something that would easily attract back links for your web page by getting people to talk about it, conversing about it on forums, blogging about it, posting it & linking to it from their sites.

At Cosmos Creatives, Link bait concentrates on content that becomes viral based on its merit, and often becomes a long term resource and source of traffic to your site.

At Cosmos Creatives, our in-house connoisseurs focus on engendering content that would build traffic to your site and create higher ranking for your site.

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Linking reciprocally:

Reciprocal links are shared links amid two websites to ensure mutual traffic. Reciprocal links are text and/or banner link to a site that, somewhere in its pages, bears an alike text/banner link to your own site.

Reciprocal links form a fundamental component of any website promotion effort. When we build great content and excellent offers or service & want people to know about it, reciprocal links are a best option.

At Cosmos Creatives, we understand that the websites merit is dependent on the sum of its links, as devoid of links it is just a disparate compilation of pages. Links are the glue behind the Web. To assure that your page has the evidence it oughts to have, it is significant that other sites link to yours.

The course of exchanging reciprocal links is essentially a easy one, but there are sundry tactics that can be taken in searching out and demanding links, as well as drawbacks that must be precluded.

At Cosmos Creatives, we opt for sites pertinent to the subject of your site, to sustain the interest level of visitors on the site in the topic they have just been scrutinizing. Cosmos Creatives guarantees you superior rankings by swapping reciprocal links.

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Marketing becomes viral:

It is declared that a contented customer tells an average of three people about a product or service he/she likes, and eleven people about a product or service which he/she did not like. Viral marketing is rooted on this natural human conduct.

Viral marketing depicts any ploy that convinces individuals to forward on a marketing message, crafting the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and effect. Viral marketing stratagem mushroom the message to thousands, to millions rapidly.

The Internet is being gradually more consented as a global marketing medium, and works on providing abundant of information around the world to those who have online access. Online marketing is an inexpensive and proficient style which can be used by any and every business in order to perk up their business expansion and triumph by and large. Thus online marketing is a far-fetched opportunity for companies to grasp not only more consumers dwelling in their countries but international consumers as well.

At Cosmos Creatives, we guarantee that with viral marketing, your campaigns will abruptly get a life of its own - and start to spread like a virus. Everyone would want to see it, and when they do, they all want to share it.

Viral marketing campaigns at Cosmos Creatives have elevated success rates as we hire people with high dexterity so that we can accomplish the best possible results for our clients.

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Importance of link popularity:

Link popularity plays an imperative role in the evidence of a web site among the top of the search results. Link popularity is the sum of the number of web sites that link to your site.

Advanced link popularity can completely augment traffic to your web site. Convenient links are a brilliant foundation of steady and targeted traffic. Link popularity can construct added search engine traffic to your site.

Relevancy algorithms of chief search engines now feature link popularity. This boosts the no. of eminent & germane sites that link to your site, which inturn can add to the sites search engine rankings. The clandestine technique to get good rankings lies in amplifying your sites popularity.

Link popularity endures on the belief that important sites will magnetize many links. A website with meager content will face obscurity drawing links. Link popularity presupposes that not all incoming links are alike, as an inbound link from a major directory holds more weight than an inbound link from a vague personal home page.

At Cosmos Creatives, we comprehend that the quality of incoming links counts more than the utter numbers of them.

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Marketing via Emails:

Email marketing is a dominant and compliant form of direct marketing. It enables swift and cost-effective communication of messages. One can also adapt their message to different sorts of customers.

Email marketing is more lucrative than paper-based marketing. Nonetheless, scheduling an email marketing campaign desires immense care to make it relevant and tempting to the recipients.

Cosmos Creatives has professionals in the discipline of email marketing who recognize the detailing in email marketing and have fostered triumphant email marketing campaigns in the past. Email marketing has a set of rules to be followed. It’s not all and sundry who can run an email marketing campaign.

One must be conscious of the clauses attached to it. One must acquire user’s approval before sending them emails for email marketing. Concentrating on your best prospects is an added advantage. Even though it costs very petite to send an email, it still pays to be economical with your email marketing. If the list of customers and potential customers is too large, it's worth scrutinizing what one knows about them, so that a more germane message can be sent to them. Psychology of people plays a very imperative role in email marketing. People are more likely to opt in if they are given a useful inducement.

Seizing the reader's curiosity is very vital. Relevancy must be the keyword in the content one sends out via email marketing. These skills used by Cosmos Creatives, promises you utmost traffic and higher page ranking.

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Market your website:

Website marketing refers to marketing a website online. A worthy online existence is definite to successfully propel targeted traffic to your website.

Internet is a pristine channel offering massive latitude for advertising and business promotion. An outsized majority of population resort to search engines for assistance to locate the information desirable. Consequently, a superior ranking on search engines becomes crucial.

Giving a website the potential to breed position in the natural listings by using the most vanguard structures of search engine optimization existing along with SEO practices form a part of website development.

At Cosmos Creatives, we are consumer alert and have rife internet marketing experience. At Cosmos Creatives, we will rally round you capitalizing your online budget and aid you accomplish a good R.O.I. A squadron of tremendously capable website designers and website marketing consultants will tender impartial expert recommendation on our website design packages; Cosmos Creatives pledges a modern-day cutting edge slant of website designing.

Cosmos Creatives Website packaging includes graphic design, coding of web pages and interactive web applications.

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Website optimization:

A sheer online existence does not meet the requirements for business online. Strong positioning for the company online is very critical to the development of every organization. With virtually 100% of people who operate internet also use search engines in some possible way or the other.

For a search engine to comprehend the worth and magnitude of a page, it must obtain help from the originator of that page. SEO aids in appropriately optimizing pages on a website to make them search engine responsive, which amplifies the search engine rankings, traffic levels, and potential earnings from a website.

SEO can make the content of your web pages more pertinent, alluring, and more straightforwardly read by search engines and their crawling and indexing software.

The main objective of SEO is to develop and convey the eccentricity of your brand right in public's eyes. Search Engine Optimization is a lucrative way to build targeted traffic.

Cosmos Creatives is a triumphant online marketing company producing utmost quality in an affordable budget.

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Potential of linking:

When inserting links to other sites and vice-versa; relevancy should be the keyword. It is these links which construct traffic to your site and consequently designing them suitably develops into precedence.

This designates precise regulations which must be kept in mind while link exchange, as these can optimize your sites for search engines. On the other hand linking your sites to good ranking search engines does not ensure you optimization. If your product and service has zilch to do with the site your link is positioned, it can have a damaging effect.

One must keep in mind that placing a link on a like product category site is significant but devoid of direct competition. All foremost search engines look for sites with good links. It is without a doubt important to verify the functioning of all links placed on assorted sites. At times the sites discontinue working, so inspecting them episodically becomes a requisite.

At Cosmos Creatives, we endeavor and make certain reciprocal links with the site your link is positioned.

At Cosmos Creatives, we are the mastermind of the art of online marketing. Cosmos Creatives are an experienced turn-key internet solutions company. Highest quality in an affordable budget is our target.

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A Web site is a depiction of who you are and what your brand is all about. Consequently designing your website in a style that it illustrates the persona of your product or service becomes essential.

A good web design should be proficient to meet all the standards your customers are looking for when they link with your company. The web site should make sure to transmit on the brand that you have developed around your products and services. The web site must be enthralling to both new and on hand users alike, be tremendously competent and uncomplicated to navigate.

Customization is the key word on any website. One must strive and adapt the site to the customer where possible.

At Cosmos Creatives, we emerge each design as a solitary being, each driven by a exact target or goal. Whether the web site is a simple brochure site that desires to promote an existing or new product or service or it is a fully carrying out ecommerce driven site that advertise your products and services online, we at Cosmos Creatives can help you to ensue that your online objectives are outstripped.

At Cosmos Creatives, the web design team comprises of practiced and expert people, to facilitate the understanding the business-related facet to your site guarantying highest traffic to your site.

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For popularity: link:

Linking is an imperative mode to facilitate your prospects to recognize you, to assemble traffic and thus amplify sales.

With the growing no. of search engines using inbound links as a leading decisive factor to rank a site, it is the no. of inbound links to a site that symbolizes the popularity of a website. Exchanging Links to an akin site is indispensable as unlike topics can trigger a negative consequence on the brain of a customer. Hence having analogous topics to the site that has been linked is crucial but devoid of direct competition.

Reciprocal linking denotes developing exchanges amid sites of similar category, which will guarantee high ranking, high popularity, high traffic & also making a website simply genial. It is vital for search engines to locate the incoming reciprocal links on their own as they spider the sites linking back to the main sites.

At Cosmos Creatives, our incite is to foster your site in a way to be massively networked athwart the Internet within the subject matter.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Non-reciprocal links:

One Way Links or non-reciprocal links is an exceptional approach to perk up the page rank of a page and lift its present search engine positioning. Search engines place substantial weight on one way links.

To ensure swapping and spamming, search engines believe that a website should have more incoming links than outbound links. This is one of the chief reasons for one way links to provide such exceptional weightage to your website.

At Cosmos Creatives, we have formed a structure for distinguishING, examining and gaining best quality one way links. Cosmos Creatives does not run robotic software alone for one way building links.

Cosmos Creatives utilizes individual search engine specialists, who by hand drag out and choose quality links for our customer’s site.

At Cosmos Creatives, we realize that link building is not a black art. It necessitates persistence, ability & massive focus to get quality links- links that are associated by theme & has elevated page rank. To get links that has sufficient no. of incoming links itself, demands the need of professionals to get nothing but the best links for your site.

At Cosmos Creatives, our only focus is a satisfied customer.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


A Web site is a description of who you are and what your brand is all about. Therefore designing your website in a manner that it describes the persona of your product or service becomes essential.

A good web design should be able to meet all the norms your customers are looking for when they relate with your company. The web site should make sure to convey on the brand that you have developed around your products and services. The web site must be alluring to both new and on hand users alike, be extremely efficient and easy to navigate.

Customization is the key word on any website. One must try and personalize the site where possible.

At Cosmos Creatives, we loom each design as a sole entity, each driven by a precise target or goal. Whether the web site is a simple brochure site that aspires to market an existing or new product or service or it is a fully functioning ecommerce driven site that sells your products and services online, we at Cosmos Creatives can help you to ensue that your online objectives are surpassed.

At Cosmos Creatives, the web design team includes experienced and expert people, to enable the understanding the business-related aspect to your site ensuring maximum traffic to your site.

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