Friday, June 8, 2007


E-marketing consists of SEO/SEM, Pay Per Click, RSS, e-Mail marketing, display marketing and affiliate marketing amongst others. Affiliate marketing is a very straight forward e-Marketing strategy. It is a great way to make money online. Affiliate marketing almost works on the lines of a barter system. A newbie to affiliate marketing must opt for the PPC marketing strategy coz it’s easy to use and almost inexpensive. But ofcourse like any form of marketing establishing a good marketing strategy which really works in your favor sometimes could take a good few years.

RSS form of e-Marketing is another effective way to get close to your customers. RSS without fail gets your content delivered to the client. Today we have more and more sites competing for business and online traffic. In these instances RSS plays a vital role and helps gain a bit of an upper edge. You can get your content read by a lot of sites through RSS. RSS in a way saves internet users time and brings new visitors to the site by increasing search engine positioning. It is very convenient to use and can be used as a very essential vehicle to create keyword rich, for establishing trust and enabling communication with present and future clients.

Our competitive market today does not give us an option of deciding which marketing strategy works best. Online marketing today definitely has the upper hand compared to the others just so because most of us are more online than offline. Today maybe the newspapers or magazines fail to attract their niche audience, but e-Marketing rarely fails to go wrong. It is therefore rightly called the ‘opportunistic’ medium; it definitely has the power to attract.

There are increased expectations today due to high end technologies. People expect frequent updates. Blogs or Weblogs also play a very vital role in updating. Setting up a blog for your web site can help you instantly keep in touch with potential clients and with an accompanied RSS feed they don’t need to keep visiting your web site for constant updates.

‘Whatever works’ is rightly said, as long as your getting business and making millions. We all have to keep pace and move in the direction technology moves. But our new and improved strategies definitely work mutually and benefit all.

At Cosmoscreatives we study your requirement; we tailor-make the strategy that would work best for you. We want your business to flourish, so ‘we do what it takes’. Whether its display marketing which would suit your product or a blog that could enhance your business, we work it all out. So I’d suggest don’t procrastinate or woolgather just ‘HURRY’. We are right here!


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