Monday, June 25, 2007

Graphics & Animations

Definition: Graphic Design has been around as long as man has been making marks; first on stone canyons or dry earth, now ephemerally and globally on the World Wide Web. Graphic Designers work designing print, environmental (signage systems) or electronic forms of visual information, as for an advertisement, publication, or website. All this is managed by a skillful use and understanding of type, color, and image and sound to create visual solutions to communications problems.

An extremely essential aspect of Graphic Designing is to provide effective graphics in a restricted time frame. Graphic Designers work in a variety of media, all to achieve the goal of successfully communicating ideas. At Cosmos Creatives we will primarily explore Web site production.

Flash animations graphically presented can be fun and inspiring. A single animation at times speaks more than a lot of text put together. Graphics can make a Website look extremely colorful and artistic. It’s almost like magic and can create an illusionary impact.

Animation is a Latin term which is derived from ‘animo’ which means breathing life into something static. Motion and movement added to a static graphic can turn it into an interesting animation. We at Cosmos Creatives design headlines and brainstorm for the smallest detail that goes on a Website. More heads coming together helps design a more universal Website. The approach changes when there are so many views which help eventually reach one single idea which is transformed graphically onto the Website.

Graphics and animations are both an integral part of Website design. All put together could change the look and feel of your organization ten folds.


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