Thursday, June 21, 2007

Subtle persuasion

To say something or to state something in a few words is what a press release is all about. It could be short but has to say everything that needs to be said. Today we have debates on whether our ‘blogs are the new press releases’. Press releases have their own identity and a blog cannot replace a press release. Press releases follow a certain pattern and a certain norm as compared to a blog, which big organizations find reliable.

Though ofcourse this issue is debatable and there are certain dubious aspects like RSS and blog feedback. An RSS feed which is an e-Marketing strategy is more in your face. It is one up because it can instantaneously reach everyone at the same time. A blog allows feedback and comments, which aids mutual consent and the different opinions can help form a universal opinion. A press release is a statement which isn’t debatable, and what is written is what is read and believed. A press release states facts to the point, whereas in a blog one can add his creativity and humor and make it more interesting.

At Cosmos Creatives we ensure you business with both these mediums coz eventually it’s all about the ‘content’. We write effective press releases as well as weblogs depending on your need and requirement. Blogs or press releases are eventually aiming at the same market. They are subtly persuading a reader to become our client. These are all different forms of e-Marketing or online marketing.


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