Monday, July 23, 2007

Email Marketing

Getting people to opt for your email marketing is always a better way than to send unsolicited mails. Today people just ‘go’ delete on these, they don’t even open them. If consumers have consented on receiving information on certain products or services and have opted for information, then they are the best database. However it is not right to thrust information on them, so a timely reminder as to whether they want to continue with receiving information is extremely crucial for effective email marketing.

Sending mails to consumers who have not opted for it, could get irritated on receiving forcible information. At the same time if someone is in a similar field of work just an informative mail would be of great help. This could be termed as right kind of advertising. Forcible email marketing can sometimes create a bad impression.

Using incentives could be an effective email strategy. The first few who subscribe to your email marketing would receive special discounts or some incentives.

It’s always good to build a good database and an email list. This will help send the email to the required individuals thus avoiding spam. Getting the reader’s interest is the most essential thing. You could combine your marketing messages and news about your business into a regular bulleting, an email newsletter. An email newsletter should have the vital information. It should be interesting and relevant, you can also send customized messages to get more attention and lastly there should be a field through which recipients can call you or reach you in some way.

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