Thursday, July 19, 2007


PPC is an e-marketing strategy, which enables you to get instant results. If you advertise your website on PPC search engines then you will get the desired traffic and the required results immediately. You will not have to wait long to see good results. The best part is you can stop PPC ads any time you want. You can test different keywords through this medium. This marketing strategy does not require well designed websites, just requires strong keywords. You can bid on large amount of keywords and can try out keyword variations.

Sometimes PPC strategy could get expensive if you bid on the wrong keywords or if you don’t calculate the maximum bid price correctly. The disadvantage is that all clickers are not potential customers. It is always better to advertise your website with PPC with ROI tracking tool to make sure you don’t lose your money.

Search engine optimization helps direct traffic from free websites. You just need to optimize your website and a large number of visitors will come searching for you. It delivers long term results that don’t require a regular financial input. SEO though is relatively time consuming and content on your website needs to be keyword friendly. Hence it would require a revamping of the content on the website.

Search engine optimization delivers lasting results and it costs considerably less in the long term. However, you must make sure that you optimize your website correctly, if your want to get high search engine rankings.

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