Monday, September 10, 2007


Amongst the most important targets of SEO, one is to augment the page rank of the websites. It influences the evidence as well as recognition of a site on the internet. But building higher page ranking in search engines is quite a intricate task.

Selecting the right keywords can affect the page rank activity competently:

Keywords in URL:
Keywords in URL constantly give an enhanced position on the search engines.

Keywords in tag:
The spiders don’t always read images but they do read the textual descriptions in the tag. So if there is an image in your page, make sure to fill the tag with some keywords about them.

Keywords in Meta Tags
Though some sites don’t use Meta Tags but a lot of search engines still count on these Meta Tags. Therefore it is critical to fill these tags properly.

Keyword density in document text:
It is important for any article to contain 4-6% major keywords but at the same time, one should not exceed more than 12%.

Tag keywords in title tag:

Title tag is the key, as what is written inside the title tag shows in search engines results as your page title. The title tag must be short of around 7 words & the key word should be near the beginning on your whole title.

Keywords in headings:
Keywords can also be applied on the heading tags.

Cosmos Creatives is a turn-key internet solutions company with a through understanding of the requirements of an array of e-Services ranging from Web Designing, Online Marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, Graphic Design, Animation, Content Management and Software Development amongst others.

At Cosmos Creatives, we assure your site higher rankings and traffic with our team of professionals.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Pay Per Click advertising is a search engine marketing technique. Here the advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the advertiser’s link to visit his website.

Advertisers commonly hinge on keywords being typed in by a user in the search bar when investigating for a specific service or product. PPC advertising works through a bidding process.

It demonstrates to be a good bid for small to mid-size companies who are trying to find exposure in the market with their products. PPC remains the most competent and successful way to publicize your bussiness online.

One can choose from PPC Campaigns running on different search engines with various budgets. You can start as low as $100 and go as high as $10,000 or even higher.

Cosmos Creatives is one of the foremost names for organizing PPC campaigns, along with SEO services. PPC with SEO is an exceptional amalgamation to build up website rankings and getting more hits for the website. Cosmos Creatives has lucratively executed PPC campaigns in the past for our esteemed clients.

Cosmos Creatives persistently continues updating to novel and most recent technologies to offer appropriate service to our clients. Here, the endeavor is to supply the maximum benefit to our clients so that they can attain maximum contentment.

At Cosmos Creatives, the aim is to show the clients, how best to invest in this quickly growing; tremendously efficient, yet exceedingly aggressive market, easily and with a very low initial investment.

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Build a link:

Link exchange is the most admired and the most competent way of link building. If you know numerous webmasters, try to ask them if they want to add your link to their sites and in turn you would also add their URL in your own website. If you can acquire many link exchanges, then you can efficiently boost your page rank.

Link Popularity is the number of links pointing to your website from other sites on the internet. Building links and escalating link popularity are two of the most crucial factors in getting top placement on the major search engines.

Link building cannot really put you on the top of page results just as easily, you need to do it the right way. At Cosmos Creatives, Link Building is not just adding in as much links as you want in several websites, there is a stratagem and system that Cosmos Creatives pursues on how you can effectively use link building in improving your page rank.

If one wants to amplify his page rank, one can buy links to perk up their SEO. At Cosmos Creatives we are cautious on which sites to buy links from. Selecting the site that is high in traffic, high in PR and with contents connecting to your website is paid the highest degree of significance at Cosmos Creatives.

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Look right: Sponsored links:

Sponsored link is a hyperlink that has been placed in into a web page since the advertiser has accepted to pay the site owner for a link insertion. A sponsored link can be a text link, a graphic link or a banner ad link.

Sponsored links are usually billed on a pay per click, when Web surfers click on an advertisement and visit the advertiser’s site. Charges are made on a preset amount that the advertiser has settled to pay. One does not pay a huge sum in advance for an advertisement which may or may not result in any visits to your site. One only pays for visits which result from their sponsored listing - not for visits to their web site from other sources.

The cost of sponsored links generally rests on a bidding method, where higher bids result in more important placement. The procedure of sponsored link functions on an auction model where advertisers bid on the keywords or topics that will trigger their ads.

Sponsored link
service efficiently boosts site listing in commercial categories.

At Cosmos Creatives, we have a team of proficient people, who work hard to spawn utmost traffic to your site by inserting your links with the top search engines ensuring you the best possible results.

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Organic listings:

Listings that emerge in normal search results and are not paid for are known as natural or organic listings. Sites appear exclusively since a search engine has considered it editorially significant for them to be incorporated; despite of payment. These listings are linked to keywords in the search engine's index.

There are two types of search engine listings- natural & paid listings. Paid listings are also called as sponsored listings & usually form a special section on a search engine. Natural listings are the sites which one can access without paying. Natural listings are determined by the search engines' algorithms for finding, sorting and ranking pages based on relevancy. Natural listings are considered more accurate by searchers. Getting in natural listings is better than paid listings.

At Cosmos Creatives, in detail analysis and optimization process concentrates on how to increase higher natural search engine listings.

Cosmos Creatives focuses on performing compatibility analysis, analyzing keywords, metadata and site structure, analyzing HTML and dynamic code, analyzing textual content, analyzing your linking structure, we observe the 'on the page' and 'off the page' factors affecting your web site, maintain optimization throughput the life of the web site.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Pay per click management:

Pay per click management concerns to the objective of providing listings on a per-bid basis by search engines.

Triumphant PPC campaigns tender elevated returns and brand-building opportunities. But every campaign needs to be supervised and this takes a lot of time. Bid wars get very fiery, bid gaps can occur many times in as brief as one day. Pay per click campaigns, calculated by the professionals at Cosmos Creatives are positive to spawn additional Sales, additional Enquiries, elevated ROI & Lower Cost per Acquisition.

PPC management service at Cosmos Creatives ensures that your campaigns are targeted, inexpensive, and responsible, constructing brand presence and breeding leads at a competitive ROI. Regular observation on the return is ensured by the in house experts at Cosmos Creatives.

Cosmos Creatives
first chooses the terms for PPC management services followed by opening you an account for the services. Cosmos Creatives calculates the best justified position by your company & depending on your bid amount and other terms, registers your site on diverse sites.

With Cosmos Creatives, you can get your site scheduled with the foremost search engines over the internet. So whether you are a new baby to the web or are enjoying your old age, our acquaintance and skill is sure to take you years ahead.

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Link building in a different way:

Link baiting is simply link building but in an unusual way.

In the course for link baiting, one doesn’t have to go penetrating for links. In actual fact the purpose of link baiting is to magnetize links to your site focusing the content as your tool.

In order to bait a link, one needs a hook. Hooks are basically of five types- News, Contrary, Attack, Resource and Humor. Link baiting applies to initiating something that would easily attract back links for your web page by getting people to talk about it, conversing about it on forums, blogging about it, posting it & linking to it from their sites.

At Cosmos Creatives, Link bait concentrates on content that becomes viral based on its merit, and often becomes a long term resource and source of traffic to your site.

At Cosmos Creatives, our in-house connoisseurs focus on engendering content that would build traffic to your site and create higher ranking for your site.

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Linking reciprocally:

Reciprocal links are shared links amid two websites to ensure mutual traffic. Reciprocal links are text and/or banner link to a site that, somewhere in its pages, bears an alike text/banner link to your own site.

Reciprocal links form a fundamental component of any website promotion effort. When we build great content and excellent offers or service & want people to know about it, reciprocal links are a best option.

At Cosmos Creatives, we understand that the websites merit is dependent on the sum of its links, as devoid of links it is just a disparate compilation of pages. Links are the glue behind the Web. To assure that your page has the evidence it oughts to have, it is significant that other sites link to yours.

The course of exchanging reciprocal links is essentially a easy one, but there are sundry tactics that can be taken in searching out and demanding links, as well as drawbacks that must be precluded.

At Cosmos Creatives, we opt for sites pertinent to the subject of your site, to sustain the interest level of visitors on the site in the topic they have just been scrutinizing. Cosmos Creatives guarantees you superior rankings by swapping reciprocal links.

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Marketing becomes viral:

It is declared that a contented customer tells an average of three people about a product or service he/she likes, and eleven people about a product or service which he/she did not like. Viral marketing is rooted on this natural human conduct.

Viral marketing depicts any ploy that convinces individuals to forward on a marketing message, crafting the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and effect. Viral marketing stratagem mushroom the message to thousands, to millions rapidly.

The Internet is being gradually more consented as a global marketing medium, and works on providing abundant of information around the world to those who have online access. Online marketing is an inexpensive and proficient style which can be used by any and every business in order to perk up their business expansion and triumph by and large. Thus online marketing is a far-fetched opportunity for companies to grasp not only more consumers dwelling in their countries but international consumers as well.

At Cosmos Creatives, we guarantee that with viral marketing, your campaigns will abruptly get a life of its own - and start to spread like a virus. Everyone would want to see it, and when they do, they all want to share it.

Viral marketing campaigns at Cosmos Creatives have elevated success rates as we hire people with high dexterity so that we can accomplish the best possible results for our clients.

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Importance of link popularity:

Link popularity plays an imperative role in the evidence of a web site among the top of the search results. Link popularity is the sum of the number of web sites that link to your site.

Advanced link popularity can completely augment traffic to your web site. Convenient links are a brilliant foundation of steady and targeted traffic. Link popularity can construct added search engine traffic to your site.

Relevancy algorithms of chief search engines now feature link popularity. This boosts the no. of eminent & germane sites that link to your site, which inturn can add to the sites search engine rankings. The clandestine technique to get good rankings lies in amplifying your sites popularity.

Link popularity endures on the belief that important sites will magnetize many links. A website with meager content will face obscurity drawing links. Link popularity presupposes that not all incoming links are alike, as an inbound link from a major directory holds more weight than an inbound link from a vague personal home page.

At Cosmos Creatives, we comprehend that the quality of incoming links counts more than the utter numbers of them.

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Marketing via Emails:

Email marketing is a dominant and compliant form of direct marketing. It enables swift and cost-effective communication of messages. One can also adapt their message to different sorts of customers.

Email marketing is more lucrative than paper-based marketing. Nonetheless, scheduling an email marketing campaign desires immense care to make it relevant and tempting to the recipients.

Cosmos Creatives has professionals in the discipline of email marketing who recognize the detailing in email marketing and have fostered triumphant email marketing campaigns in the past. Email marketing has a set of rules to be followed. It’s not all and sundry who can run an email marketing campaign.

One must be conscious of the clauses attached to it. One must acquire user’s approval before sending them emails for email marketing. Concentrating on your best prospects is an added advantage. Even though it costs very petite to send an email, it still pays to be economical with your email marketing. If the list of customers and potential customers is too large, it's worth scrutinizing what one knows about them, so that a more germane message can be sent to them. Psychology of people plays a very imperative role in email marketing. People are more likely to opt in if they are given a useful inducement.

Seizing the reader's curiosity is very vital. Relevancy must be the keyword in the content one sends out via email marketing. These skills used by Cosmos Creatives, promises you utmost traffic and higher page ranking.

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Market your website:

Website marketing refers to marketing a website online. A worthy online existence is definite to successfully propel targeted traffic to your website.

Internet is a pristine channel offering massive latitude for advertising and business promotion. An outsized majority of population resort to search engines for assistance to locate the information desirable. Consequently, a superior ranking on search engines becomes crucial.

Giving a website the potential to breed position in the natural listings by using the most vanguard structures of search engine optimization existing along with SEO practices form a part of website development.

At Cosmos Creatives, we are consumer alert and have rife internet marketing experience. At Cosmos Creatives, we will rally round you capitalizing your online budget and aid you accomplish a good R.O.I. A squadron of tremendously capable website designers and website marketing consultants will tender impartial expert recommendation on our website design packages; Cosmos Creatives pledges a modern-day cutting edge slant of website designing.

Cosmos Creatives Website packaging includes graphic design, coding of web pages and interactive web applications.

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Website optimization:

A sheer online existence does not meet the requirements for business online. Strong positioning for the company online is very critical to the development of every organization. With virtually 100% of people who operate internet also use search engines in some possible way or the other.

For a search engine to comprehend the worth and magnitude of a page, it must obtain help from the originator of that page. SEO aids in appropriately optimizing pages on a website to make them search engine responsive, which amplifies the search engine rankings, traffic levels, and potential earnings from a website.

SEO can make the content of your web pages more pertinent, alluring, and more straightforwardly read by search engines and their crawling and indexing software.

The main objective of SEO is to develop and convey the eccentricity of your brand right in public's eyes. Search Engine Optimization is a lucrative way to build targeted traffic.

Cosmos Creatives is a triumphant online marketing company producing utmost quality in an affordable budget.

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Potential of linking:

When inserting links to other sites and vice-versa; relevancy should be the keyword. It is these links which construct traffic to your site and consequently designing them suitably develops into precedence.

This designates precise regulations which must be kept in mind while link exchange, as these can optimize your sites for search engines. On the other hand linking your sites to good ranking search engines does not ensure you optimization. If your product and service has zilch to do with the site your link is positioned, it can have a damaging effect.

One must keep in mind that placing a link on a like product category site is significant but devoid of direct competition. All foremost search engines look for sites with good links. It is without a doubt important to verify the functioning of all links placed on assorted sites. At times the sites discontinue working, so inspecting them episodically becomes a requisite.

At Cosmos Creatives, we endeavor and make certain reciprocal links with the site your link is positioned.

At Cosmos Creatives, we are the mastermind of the art of online marketing. Cosmos Creatives are an experienced turn-key internet solutions company. Highest quality in an affordable budget is our target.

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A Web site is a depiction of who you are and what your brand is all about. Consequently designing your website in a style that it illustrates the persona of your product or service becomes essential.

A good web design should be proficient to meet all the standards your customers are looking for when they link with your company. The web site should make sure to transmit on the brand that you have developed around your products and services. The web site must be enthralling to both new and on hand users alike, be tremendously competent and uncomplicated to navigate.

Customization is the key word on any website. One must strive and adapt the site to the customer where possible.

At Cosmos Creatives, we emerge each design as a solitary being, each driven by a exact target or goal. Whether the web site is a simple brochure site that desires to promote an existing or new product or service or it is a fully carrying out ecommerce driven site that advertise your products and services online, we at Cosmos Creatives can help you to ensue that your online objectives are outstripped.

At Cosmos Creatives, the web design team comprises of practiced and expert people, to facilitate the understanding the business-related facet to your site guarantying highest traffic to your site.

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For popularity: link:

Linking is an imperative mode to facilitate your prospects to recognize you, to assemble traffic and thus amplify sales.

With the growing no. of search engines using inbound links as a leading decisive factor to rank a site, it is the no. of inbound links to a site that symbolizes the popularity of a website. Exchanging Links to an akin site is indispensable as unlike topics can trigger a negative consequence on the brain of a customer. Hence having analogous topics to the site that has been linked is crucial but devoid of direct competition.

Reciprocal linking denotes developing exchanges amid sites of similar category, which will guarantee high ranking, high popularity, high traffic & also making a website simply genial. It is vital for search engines to locate the incoming reciprocal links on their own as they spider the sites linking back to the main sites.

At Cosmos Creatives, our incite is to foster your site in a way to be massively networked athwart the Internet within the subject matter.

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