Monday, September 10, 2007


Amongst the most important targets of SEO, one is to augment the page rank of the websites. It influences the evidence as well as recognition of a site on the internet. But building higher page ranking in search engines is quite a intricate task.

Selecting the right keywords can affect the page rank activity competently:

Keywords in URL:
Keywords in URL constantly give an enhanced position on the search engines.

Keywords in tag:
The spiders don’t always read images but they do read the textual descriptions in the tag. So if there is an image in your page, make sure to fill the tag with some keywords about them.

Keywords in Meta Tags
Though some sites don’t use Meta Tags but a lot of search engines still count on these Meta Tags. Therefore it is critical to fill these tags properly.

Keyword density in document text:
It is important for any article to contain 4-6% major keywords but at the same time, one should not exceed more than 12%.

Tag keywords in title tag:

Title tag is the key, as what is written inside the title tag shows in search engines results as your page title. The title tag must be short of around 7 words & the key word should be near the beginning on your whole title.

Keywords in headings:
Keywords can also be applied on the heading tags.

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