Monday, September 3, 2007

Link building in a different way:

Link baiting is simply link building but in an unusual way.

In the course for link baiting, one doesn’t have to go penetrating for links. In actual fact the purpose of link baiting is to magnetize links to your site focusing the content as your tool.

In order to bait a link, one needs a hook. Hooks are basically of five types- News, Contrary, Attack, Resource and Humor. Link baiting applies to initiating something that would easily attract back links for your web page by getting people to talk about it, conversing about it on forums, blogging about it, posting it & linking to it from their sites.

At Cosmos Creatives, Link bait concentrates on content that becomes viral based on its merit, and often becomes a long term resource and source of traffic to your site.

At Cosmos Creatives, our in-house connoisseurs focus on engendering content that would build traffic to your site and create higher ranking for your site.

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