Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Look right: Sponsored links:

Sponsored link is a hyperlink that has been placed in into a web page since the advertiser has accepted to pay the site owner for a link insertion. A sponsored link can be a text link, a graphic link or a banner ad link.

Sponsored links are usually billed on a pay per click, when Web surfers click on an advertisement and visit the advertiser’s site. Charges are made on a preset amount that the advertiser has settled to pay. One does not pay a huge sum in advance for an advertisement which may or may not result in any visits to your site. One only pays for visits which result from their sponsored listing - not for visits to their web site from other sources.

The cost of sponsored links generally rests on a bidding method, where higher bids result in more important placement. The procedure of sponsored link functions on an auction model where advertisers bid on the keywords or topics that will trigger their ads.

Sponsored link
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