Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Organic listings:

Listings that emerge in normal search results and are not paid for are known as natural or organic listings. Sites appear exclusively since a search engine has considered it editorially significant for them to be incorporated; despite of payment. These listings are linked to keywords in the search engine's index.

There are two types of search engine listings- natural & paid listings. Paid listings are also called as sponsored listings & usually form a special section on a search engine. Natural listings are the sites which one can access without paying. Natural listings are determined by the search engines' algorithms for finding, sorting and ranking pages based on relevancy. Natural listings are considered more accurate by searchers. Getting in natural listings is better than paid listings.

At Cosmos Creatives, in detail analysis and optimization process concentrates on how to increase higher natural search engine listings.

Cosmos Creatives focuses on performing compatibility analysis, analyzing keywords, metadata and site structure, analyzing HTML and dynamic code, analyzing textual content, analyzing your linking structure, we observe the 'on the page' and 'off the page' factors affecting your web site, maintain optimization throughput the life of the web site.

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