Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The How’s And Why’s Of E-mail Marketing:

According to studies, US companies annually spend about $40 billion on direct marketing via post, with half the expenditure incurring from stamps alone. Compared to sales delivered by other e-marketing methods like banner ads which cost $71.89, paid searches which cost $26.75 and affiliate programs which cost $17.47, e-mails cost less than $7. And for every dollar that marketers spend on e-mail marketing, there is an ROI of $48.29 expected.

Statistics as these only go on to emphasize the efficacy of the humble e-mail which has transitioned from a personal correspondence medium to one that allows your business to add a personal touch its service. E-mail marketing thus not only reduces the advertising cost for the producer while bringing the consumer closer to the product but also serves as a branding tool for the former. 35% of e-mail users open their messages just for the subject line’s appeal. Inserting the company name in the subject line itself can increase this rate to 60%.

With an increasing number of businesses plying their wares on the information highway through e-mails, consumers are definitely not complaining. 81% of US executives are reported to subscribe to industry e-mail newsletters for product information and business intelligence according to the Wall Street Journal. Businessmen further attest to the efficacy of
e-mail marketing by acknowledging that the Internet and e-mail are the best ways for advertisers to reach them.

Cosmos Creatives, we understand these statistics the best. When we send a consumer an e-mail, we ensure that your business grows significantly. Market analysis, database increase, consumer behavior, etc. are all observed carefully, and appropriate e-marketing strategies are employed.

Here A Tag, There A Tag, Everywhere A Tag Tag:

It’s pretty easy to tag/label an object or person. We’ve been learning to do it from kindergarten. Pigeon- holing anything and everything there is at your disposal sounds fun. And to an extent it is, though in a positive way. The 1990’s introduced the meta element in the world of web development and search engine optimization. These tags proved handy for SEOs, who used them in order to garner higher search engine rankings for their clients, which ultimately resulted in better visibility for their respective websites.

When creating meta tags it is important to avoid creating the same meta tags for every page of your website. Meta tags include title meta tags, description meta tags, and keyword meta tags. Of these, the title meta tag is the most important, as it is what visitors to your website will see featured on their browser when on your page. It is also what the search engine picks up when considering the ranking a particular page has to receive.

The description meta tags are not that important, but doesn’t hurt to have one; as in a way, it gives a peek to what is on your page.
Copy writing it in a dynamic style compels a searcher to accept your website as a search result by clicking on it. The keyword meta tags are the more trickier to create than the other two meta tags. Wrong keywords will tag YOU as a spammer and could lead to penalization. The most used keywords in your page should be the ones that are included in the keyword meta tags for your website.

Each type of meta tags are important in their own way where
high search engine rankings are concerned. The right combination of these three meta elements can boost your site to higher rankings and attract more traffic to your website.

Cosmos Creatives, we understand concepts like these. Our accomplished team of SEO experts apply strategies like these to elevate your website’s search engine rankings.

Effective E-marketing And Copywriting:

Why does a particular website turn up as the first result in a web search? Is it because it has interesting photographs or cool graphics? Maybe it has simply made good use of e-marketing strategies.

E-marketing, while a dominant factor in making or breaking a website, is hardly effective without a good website to promote. Such a website is only created keeping a combination of graphics, text and user-friendly features in mind. But just pasting on a few attractive pictures and graphics on to a website does not a popular website make.

All the flash and dazzle of a website has to be promoted effectively and explicitly to the user. Enter the copywriter. In essence,
copywriters are known as web content writers in the e-marketing business. It is their responsibility to soft-sell the website’s various features and benefits to the target audience. The quality of content is what establishes the website’s credibility in the World Wide Web.

Search engines might at times pick up the inane and rank them high in search results. There certainly are means to do so. But what persuades the consumer to champion a particular site over a score of other similar sites is undoubtedly the originality and authenticity of the content featured in the same.

Cosmos Creatives, we understand this. Skilled web content writers carefully research the market and what drives it. We effectively use all the resources at our disposal to ensure that not only your website attains relevancy, but also establishes its credibility.

Building A Clientele Via SMM:

Social Media Marketing or SMM refers to e-marketing via a social network site such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, VideoJug, Yahoo! 360 or FriendFinder. With the plethora of options available to a business with the advent of Web 2.0’s interaction mantra, SMM offers a very lucrative way of garnering brand awareness. Videos, interactive presentations, blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds are just a fraction of the options at the disposal of the e-marketer.

The most basic step in building a clientele online via social networking is by establishing a profile. It is your medium to market your services to your target audience. The more interesting and succinct you are in showcasing your goods and services, the easier it is for your market to approach you. The benefit of
social media marketing is such that it provides a business the chance to be more informal in its approach. The market not only widens, but also remains loyal.

Once your social profile is created, you can utilize the service for building a friend and potential client list. The members of this list can then tag, describe, vote, comment, bookmark, link, or promote you on other profiles, communities, news, blogs, online publications or even their own websites. Continuous client interaction, offering them easy access to your updates and original content is a must to ensure
SMM’s consistent efficacy.

Social networking while soft-selling your goods and services to a wider and more diverse clientele, also links you to associate sites and similar businesses. This provides you with the opportunity to learn more about your own services while accessing newer types of
e-marketing strategies which these other businesses are sure to apply.

Cosmos Creatives, our SEOs utilize these ‘relationship’ marketing tactics in order to strengthen your existing clientele while searching for newer clients. Visit us here to learn more about our innovative strategies.