Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The How’s And Why’s Of E-mail Marketing:

According to studies, US companies annually spend about $40 billion on direct marketing via post, with half the expenditure incurring from stamps alone. Compared to sales delivered by other e-marketing methods like banner ads which cost $71.89, paid searches which cost $26.75 and affiliate programs which cost $17.47, e-mails cost less than $7. And for every dollar that marketers spend on e-mail marketing, there is an ROI of $48.29 expected.

Statistics as these only go on to emphasize the efficacy of the humble e-mail which has transitioned from a personal correspondence medium to one that allows your business to add a personal touch its service. E-mail marketing thus not only reduces the advertising cost for the producer while bringing the consumer closer to the product but also serves as a branding tool for the former. 35% of e-mail users open their messages just for the subject line’s appeal. Inserting the company name in the subject line itself can increase this rate to 60%.

With an increasing number of businesses plying their wares on the information highway through e-mails, consumers are definitely not complaining. 81% of US executives are reported to subscribe to industry e-mail newsletters for product information and business intelligence according to the Wall Street Journal. Businessmen further attest to the efficacy of
e-mail marketing by acknowledging that the Internet and e-mail are the best ways for advertisers to reach them.

Cosmos Creatives, we understand these statistics the best. When we send a consumer an e-mail, we ensure that your business grows significantly. Market analysis, database increase, consumer behavior, etc. are all observed carefully, and appropriate e-marketing strategies are employed.


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