Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Bane Of E-marketing - Spam:

Junk mail, unsolicited e-mail, unwanted mail, etc. are some of the terms used to describe this pernicious occurrence on the Internet known as spam. Known to plague large organizations and average net users alike, the presence that spam has in the virtual world seems like one that is going to be everlasting.

E-marketing has largely been associated with spam. With sellers offering products ranging from Viagra to free credit cards and iPods at a discount, spam has attached its unnecessary tag to the very important and useful concept of e- mail marketing.

The one abiding factor of valid e-mail marketing is the option it provides the consumer to opt for updates, information and reminders of a particular product. The consumer is assured that he will not be inundated with mails that clutter his inbox. The seller thus rides on a trust factor with e-mail marketing unlike spam which is easily recognized by a user. The seller offers his services which are decidedly virus free and the consumer is provided with the option to either accept it or reject it.

At Cosmos Creatives, we make use of ethical methods like the ones mentioned above when it comes to e-mail marketing. With the techniques we apply, your consumer is saved from the problems most buyers face when it comes to e-mail marketing.

We value our consumer database and make every effort to ensure that our consumers are the ones who profit the most from our services. The decision to receive e-mails on updates and product details rests solely with our consumers. We also apply the best security measures available when it comes to combating spam.

At Cosmos Creatives the e-mail marketing techniques we utilize are ethical and do not waste your company’s resources and costs.


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