Friday, November 23, 2007

Brand Recognition And Colors:

The very nature of the Internet deems it a powerfully psychological and visual medium. Fundamental elements like graphics, text and overall aesthetic appeal have to be balanced in a proper manner when creating a website. Among all these and other features like video, audio and interactive interfaces, web developers hold color to be the determining element for creating brand appeal.

The shades used and the contrasts maintained between different shades play a large role in generating a visual impact. Color also helps e-marketers in creating brand awareness for a business. For effective branding it is important to analyze the target market closely.

Research has proved that color used diligently directly affects readership, increasing it by 40 percent. The right blend of emphasized and under-played areas has to be applied when creating a website. The site visitor should know which areas on a web page require more attention with a mere glance.

A month ago, Google had a complete ‘black out’, i.e. instead of the standard white background and black text, it displayed a reversal of the two colors. The idea behind this was a campaign to raise awareness about an energy conservation event that was held in San Francisco. Google was roped in for the campaign due to its popularity and high visibility. The campaign was a success even though the most basic colors were used.

At Cosmos Creatives we understand the co-relation between colors and a brand. Our team of web designers expertly designs a website using the right colors. A brand promoted by us is a brand that is high in visual impact without losing out on its substance.


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