Thursday, November 22, 2007

Communication Via New Media:

The truth is out there, within reach. The question is how we reach it. The new media has got some really interesting tools to come within grasp of the truth. Armed with ammunition like podcasts, blogs, virtual universes, social networks, cell phones, video games and more, the new media has launched an intense campaign to conquer our lives.

But the average consumer is not complaining at this intrusion. Education and communication of information has never been more fun with the new media way of interaction. Joe Kraus, the founder of JotSpot, a software producer for wikis comments, “The old media model was: there is one source of truth. The new media model is: there are multiple sources of truth, and we will sort it out”.

With the concept of Instant Journalism, conveying news does not require the talents of a news reporter or a journalist any more. The agents of information have changed with free, accessible and instant publishing and broadcasting.

Chris Anderson, editor of ‘Wired’ magazine comments on the rising popularity of the new media saying, “We are entering an age of cultural richness and abundant choice that we've never seen before in history. Peer production is the most powerful industrial force of our time”.

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