Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Links And Website Popularity:

Link building strategies are very beneficial where search engine optimization is concerned. SEOs depend a lot on links to ensure the website’s search engine ranking in the long term while also improving its Google page rank.

There are three types of links that matter for search engine optimizers. Internal links which inter-link the pages of your website, outbound links which are links from your website to another site and inbound links which are links to your site from another site.

One important issue that has to be kept in mind when outbound and inbound links are concerned is the relevancy of the linked-to and linked-from website to the contents of your website. The quality and quantity of traffic that these related websites attract also play an important role in determining your website’s visibility status.

Back links are the main links that SEO holds in importance. Based on their quality, Google awards its page rank to a particular website. They keep your website visible for the web crawlers and spiders. These crawlers are responsible for updating and regularly visiting your website. By doing so, they prevent your website from being treated as spam.

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