Thursday, November 1, 2007

The New And Improved Web:

The new and improved World Wide Web just brought the virtual world closer and made the real one smaller.

Interaction is the main trait of the Web 2.0 concept. There are many web based communities like
podcasts, blogs, web application programming interfaces (APIs), RSS feeds, online web services such as eBay and Gmail, and online social networking websites that cohesively work to make Web 2.0 a power to stay.

The fundamentals underlying the Web 2.0 concept are very cut-and-dried. The web is a platform, and the data is what drives it.

An easy user-friendly interface is one of the prime concerns that businesses consider when making use of the Web 2.0 meme. There has to be level of involvement present when a user or surfer visits a website. A symbiosis of value and knowledge is essential.

The user contributes to the website’s function and the website adds value to the user’s experience. But ultimately it is the user who decides what is important and what is not. Web 2.0 companies build systems that get better with the increase in the amount of people using them.

Web 2.0 turns the web into a global brain by harnessing collective intelligence. At
Clear Media Online we make sure that the force of the internet shall stay with you.


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