Friday, November 2, 2007

Online Marketing Tips To Alleviate Your Offline Presence:

A growing fraction of businesses, large and small alike are tapping the power of the Internet to expand their reach. E-marketing or online marketing techniques have proved to be effective tools in today’s technologically advanced world. By taking away time and space barriers, e-marketing has bridged the gap that was created between the buyer and the seller. Opening and closing hours no longer matter to either.

Integrating the offline advertising campaign of a particular business with the online marketing campaign is a must if a wider market has to be reached. The web address of a company can be displayed on business cards, letter heads used for correspondence, flyers, etc.; while the company logo, products and services can be displayed on specific locations on the web site.

Tools like Pay-per-click, RSS feeds, blogs, etc. are also very effective in educating the target audience about a company’s goods and services. Cosmos Creatives makes use of all of these tools besides others to increase traffic to a business’ site. Our web development team is able to design features like shopping cart, easily navigable interfaces, feed back forms, etc. which not only help the seller in analyzing his market but also enabling him in building a database.

At Cosmos Creatives, the e-marketing plans we formulate are further consolidated by following up on consumer response through offline and online e-mails informing past, current and potential consumers about any news on discounts and special offers. The consumers are provided with the option of signing up for regular and periodic updates. The consumer is always important for us and we design your website keeping their needs in mind.


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