Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stay Away From Being An MFA Site:

Plagiarism has had a consistently malign presence in not only traditional media but electronic as well. Optimized intellectual freedom while being the one of the driving factors of the Internet’s popularity brought along an exasperating problem with it; it was called web scraping. Till date many website developers and businesses are grappling with this problem.

Scraper sites are usually the frontrunners in adapting this concept. Cut-copy-paste is the name of the game for them and content is picked up directly at times from other sites. One explanation for scraper sites employing such methods is because it is convenient for them to rank high in search engine results.

There is technology available which spews out keywords in multitude and variety. Incorporating them into these sites is child’s play for such abusers of the system. Search engines are easily tricked. But there are businesses and marketing firms that hire questionable writers to web scrape for an amount like $1 for 500 words.

Advertising programs like Google AdSense have further increased the proliferation of scraper sites, so much that a separate term- MFA or Made For AdSense- has been coined to describe them.

A surfer visiting a website can click on an advertisement and by doing so enable the site owner to make a profit from Google as the latter is offering the business a platform to feature the advertisement. MFA sites have exploited this system by existing for the sole purpose of getting people to click on the adverts the site displays.

At Cosmos Creatives, professional content writers develop and create content that is original in nature. We stay true to the ideals of online marketing. Your site is a far-cry from being an MFA site with our efforts.


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