Friday, November 23, 2007

Stylish. Sleek. Rich:

When the devotees of the Web 2.0 era put their minds together, there are three words that are prominent in any idea they come up with- stylish, sleek and rich. It is how they entice the consumer. When e-marketers keep these three magic words in mind, they can accomplish more than half their work with minimum effort.

Working closely with web designers, online marketers formulate user interfaces that are immensely appealing to the end user while pleasing the search engine. One art style that has caught the fancies of a growing number of web designers is vector art. Though the concept has been around from a long time, advertising campaigns like the iPod silhouette as well as a lot of promo art used on a channel like MTV have led to its recent revival.

The advantage that a vector image has over the conventional raster image is its sharp image quality. While raster images are pixel based, vector images are made up of geometrical components. This allows an image to be moved, enlarged, scaled down or tweaked without losing out on quality.

Web designers find this art style immensely helpful as it gives them a lot of flexibility. Almost any design can be produced with the vast range of brush styles and image shapes that vector softwares come with.

At Cosmos Creatives, we utilize the best softwares available to produce visually striking websites. Vector art is just one of the art styles our web designing team is proficient in. Contact us at for a stylish, sleek and rich online presence.


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