Tuesday, December 4, 2007

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

Lilting Christmas carols playing in the background as you browse through your favorite bookshop can sure make you get in the mood to indulge in some serious holiday shopping! So in goes a cook book for your mother, a do-it-yourself toy plane book for your son and it’s all because hearing “Silver Bells” makes you want to give a gift to someone special.

The holidays are the best time for raking in profits for a lot of restaurants, hotels, gift shops, record stores, electrical goods stores, etc. It does not take much advertising to make sales escalate in the holiday season. But it is important to remember the main reasons that underlie any celebration. Whether it be Easter, Hanukkah, Oktoberfest or Christmas the feeling of goodwill is pervasive. This feeling has to be present in any advertising campaign that a retailer makes use of.

Online, web customizations are a great way to cultivate this feeling of goodwill. Websites that are designed to make visitors or buyers get into a festive mood add to a websites appeal. Web designers add flash animations, catchy graphics and a lot of other little touches to bring out the festive spirit in a site visitor.

The result is a visitor who knows that the business which pays attention to holiday celebrations and memorials can be trusted with supplying deals and buys that the former can trust.

At Cosmos Creatives our website developers and website designers come up with imaginative ways to market a website online and drive up sales. Every effort is made to avoid the deviation of a website customization from the main purpose of a website.

Happy Holidays from the teams at Cosmos Creatives!

Private Label Articles:

The phenomenon of ghostwriting is not limited to the publishing world. Its presence is very real in the virtual world as well. An astonishing number of content writers write articles and web content for use by another party. These articles are commonly known as private label articles as they are passed along under private label rights [PLR].

Private label rights allow the purchaser to attach his name to the private label article. In a way it implies a legalized copying of content. But then again, search engines treat sites that have content that seems to be duplicated as scraper sites and do not index them. There doesn’t seem to be much logic in using private label articles when this is the case.

Think again.

Content writers are constantly on the look-out for new information. Research forms a main segment of their work. Every source that provides new and relevant information is important to be examined carefully. A private label article as such, feeds them with knowledge that can prove useful to their research. There is no dearth of article directories on the Internet that list articles that are rich in information.

Abuse of private label articles is not uncommon however. There are site owners and lesser writers who see private label articles as a convenient way to fill up their blogs or websites with reams and reams of content. It does not matter if the content is duplicated by a score of other sites or not. A little tweaking here, a little editing there and an article purchased under a PLR can be re-sold as private label article as article directories have no way of recognizing this.

At Cosmos Creatives, our content writing team use content that is original and is based on authentic research. A number of sources are examined and studied and content is written according to the theme of the topic.

Monday, December 3, 2007

White Hat And Black Hat:

Hackers and crackers are two words that are considered synonymous with each other in the world of computer security. Though their methods and techniques are similar in concept, their ethical motivations separate them from each other. Black hat crackers work to intrude into the security set up around data with the main intention of utilizing it for their own gain.

White hat crackers on the other hand, attepmt to use their knowledge for improving the security or repairing any flaws. Because of the nature of their work, both these groups are generally referred to as hackers.

In e-marketing circles, black hat and white hat are terms that are used to define the nature of the search engine optimization techniques that are used. Black hat SEO techniques usually involve methods that cause search engine algorithms into catapulting a page higher in the page rank listings.

Hidden text and links, text that is similar to the background, pages that are different from the ones submitted to the search engine, etc. are all techniques that come under black hat SEO. Site reviews and search engine algorithms sieve out such websites and either penalize them or push them lower in the page rank.

At Cosmos Creatives, the SEO techniques we make use of are completely ethical and confirm to the requirements of search engines. We maximize the security employed for each of our client sites and make sure that their websites rank high in search engine result pages via white SEO practices.

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