Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Private Label Articles:

The phenomenon of ghostwriting is not limited to the publishing world. Its presence is very real in the virtual world as well. An astonishing number of content writers write articles and web content for use by another party. These articles are commonly known as private label articles as they are passed along under private label rights [PLR].

Private label rights allow the purchaser to attach his name to the private label article. In a way it implies a legalized copying of content. But then again, search engines treat sites that have content that seems to be duplicated as scraper sites and do not index them. There doesn’t seem to be much logic in using private label articles when this is the case.

Think again.

Content writers are constantly on the look-out for new information. Research forms a main segment of their work. Every source that provides new and relevant information is important to be examined carefully. A private label article as such, feeds them with knowledge that can prove useful to their research. There is no dearth of article directories on the Internet that list articles that are rich in information.

Abuse of private label articles is not uncommon however. There are site owners and lesser writers who see private label articles as a convenient way to fill up their blogs or websites with reams and reams of content. It does not matter if the content is duplicated by a score of other sites or not. A little tweaking here, a little editing there and an article purchased under a PLR can be re-sold as private label article as article directories have no way of recognizing this.

At Cosmos Creatives, our content writing team use content that is original and is based on authentic research. A number of sources are examined and studied and content is written according to the theme of the topic.


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