Monday, October 20, 2008

Banner Advertising Still Going Strong On The Internet

Which had me wondering why TechDirt felt that banner advertisements are going to be extinct in the near future of the WWW.

Of course, this was before Google let out their good news about the lucrative potential in banner ads and web advertising yesterday. The internet giant experienced a boost in its net income from $1.07 billion to $1.35 billion.

According to Eric Schmidt chief executive for Google, the glowing finances are attributed in a major way to banner advertisements and similar methods of online advertising and website promotion. And sure enough, as though on cue the web page that I caught this report on popped up an ad asking me to register for the online edition of the newspaper.

Whichever way you see it,
website marketing via advertisements is necessary, especially if you have a site that is noncommercial (personal sites, blogs, information websites, etc.) Nonetheless, large businesses- both online and offline offering services or products too stand to gain a lot via online marketing strategies on pay per click models and advertisements.

All it takes is a good
online SEO services provider to chalk out and carry out the advertising campaign. Using a combination of internet marketing and search engine optimization and with inputs from the web page designer and content writer, it is just a matter of time till when your clicks convert to more sales.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Online Marketing Can Ignore The Cellular Phone Market For Now

With cellular operaters and manufactureres doling out application and feature-rich cellphones by the dozen, its small wonder mobile phones have become so multi-faceted.

Going by the studies performed on mobile phone subscriptions alone, it seems natural to presume that mobile phones have a wide reach and can be excellent agents for reaching out to the market audience via SMS marketing or traditional online marketing. Subsriptions have escalated by 24 percent between 2000 and 2008.

However, subscriptions for cellular services do not a web user make. Additionally, markets like Brazil, China, India and Taiwan are the heavyweights in the cellular market. They love using their phones for everything from moblogging to watching TV and playing karaoke.

Hence, while pursuing a Western audience it wouldn't really affect the internet marketing efforts of a business if they went remiss on appealing to the mobile phone user. Online marketing could be even more viable when targetting local audiences in developing countries like the ones mentioned above.

From an internet marketing point of view, adapting and optimizing a website for easy accessibility on a mobile device can attract traffic and can greatly enhance the user-experince. If your corporate website is too heavy for cellphone rendering, it would be a good practice to include a cellular version that is just as attractive.

Consumers like it when they are provided with more options to view their favorite websites. Get to know how you can get one developed for your website with help from Cosmos Creatives.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaign For Better Reach

“With roughly 20% of people changing email addresses each year to avoid spam and/or to start “fresh” and escape the email account that has gotten out of control, it is difficult to keep in touch with your opt-in audience”, says Julie Brue of TopRank.

But a fickle audience is only part of the problem faced by online marketing professionals who implement email marketing in their website promotion campaign. Most users are turned off by the appearance of a newsletter itself.

Readers are also known to click on the spam button either because of the vast tracts of white space included or an overcrowding of content (graphics, images and text).

When the website designing, search engine optimization and content writing elements sit down together to plan out an email marketing campaign, the results are likely to have more of an impact. For instance, the HTML and landing pages created by the web page designer will need input from the content writer for better allocation of the newsletter elements.

The search engine marketing professionals are the ones who decipher the analytics of the business website to ensure that the campaign suits the target market. There are standard rules associated with an effective email marketing campaign like personalized messages, readable and concise text content, sign out options, etc.

However, without a collaborative effort from the content writer, web site designers and online SEO services elements of a professional online marketing company, your email marketing campaign is limited in scope.

Broaden your reach with professional help from Cosmos Creatives.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pay Per Click Strategies & Website Promotion Today

One of the original and popular website marketing models, pay per click makes for a very promising way to monetize your web space on the internet.

However if you are an advertiser who is investing in a pay per click campaign to market your product or service, then it could be a costly affair. Top keywords generally come at a high asking price ($2- $3.50) per click and unless you have a campaign budget that can afford such an expense, then the best course to take would be to steer away from a pay per click campaign.

This is one of the reasons why certain online web solutions do not give pay per click much importance in website promotion techniques. According to data studied by press release distributor 24-7 Press Release, the return on investment benefits of press releases is much more lucrative than the returns on a pay per click investment.

There is some good news for strategic implementation of pay per click strategies though especially during festive seasons, celebrations or even crisis like epidemics and natural disasters. There are a lot of people on the lookout for a good deal or essential information during these times and pay per click advertising can actually trigger a good start to your campaign.

The key to a pay per click campaign that rocks your online marketing efforts is having a professional search engine marketing team collating and analyzing market trends. Venturing into an advertising model that could be costly in terms of marketing budget needs to be done in a calculated way.

Get in touch with Cosmos Creatives for help with budget-friendly pay per click models and targeted PPC campaigns.

Higher Search Engine Positioning With Pingbacks

As far as I know, blogger allows backlinks, which are similar in concept to trackbacks and pingbacks. Currently, almost every blog hosting service worth its name offers options for enabling trackbacks, pingbacks and backlinks. This is a good thing, as these elements allow the site to gain backlinks that contribute very nicely to raising SERPs.

But what exactly are trackbacks and pingbacks and what role do they play in website promotion and marketing?

The Wordpress Codex Tutorial explains trackbacks and pingbacks as convenient tools for maintaining a discussion thread or multiple threads between various websites and visitors. They traced back the origins of trackbacks to SixApart, who also happen to be the originators of MovableType.

However handy they might be in a blogging context, some bloggers view them as spam and have ways for checking their frequency or keeping them from appearing in the comment section.

The best thing about trackbacks and pingbacks however, is they are great for back linking. Online SEO services find it a great option for linking to another website or blog containing content that relates or connotes to a certain point or idea on their own site.

Of course, it is simply bad practice to go berserk while linking and points to weak content. You cannot get any better at busting your corporate blog or website’s credibility than by doing such link stuffing.

Savvy search engine marketing professionals can make use of trackbacks and pingbacks in a positive way to attract traffic to a website though. When trackback and pingback discussions are kept symbiotic, you automatically get relevant website traffic that enhances your search engine rankings by linking to your content.

Trust a professional internet marketing company to get relevant backlinks and pingbacks for sites.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Discounting The Target Audience’s Opinions Is Not Smart

James E. Gaskin of PC World pointed out an interesting concept which is thankfully being taken up by a rising number or businesses- that of audience opinion. He talks about Dell converting a negative trend begun by its audience market into a positive step for the company.

Dell’s IdeaStorm is one very powerful implementation of an online marketing idea and it could make for a great avenue for a web marketing service to pursue in order to insert credibility into a marketing campaign.

Consider what Dove did in its Campaign for Real Beauty. While the brand was not really flailing financially, they did add another mark towards their credibility quotient. A lot of women I know became much more receptive towards the brand after they learned about this effort.

The success that so many social networks and pro-community sites have found is a direct result of such marketing tactics. From airline carriers to restaurants and real estate websites- business entities are waking up to the power of social networks, communities and forums where users can discuss, complain and provide just about any other feedback they deem would make their user-experience better.

What about your organization? Are you making use of this fantastic opportunity for your business concern? Do you as yet have a more-than-competent team of website marketing professionals taking care of how your target audience views your business?

If not, then check out what a savvy online web solutions professional can do to accumulate user data market behavior and hone it towards adding value to your services and products. It’s not only big business houses that can afford to make use of such internet marketing strategies anymore and there’s no reason for your company to forgo the fun!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Giving The Public An Incentive To Search And Businesses An Excuse To Market

The word ‘free’ makes for one very powerful keyword. It has been exploited to its maximum potential continuously by virtually every startup on the planet. In internet marketing circles there is always a gravitation noticed towards terms like affordable, reasonable, inexpensive, etc. during the course of the business’ growth. 

But in all this, where does Microsoft, an established software giant stand with its Live SearchPerks program?

According to the specs let out by Microsoft, the first one million U.S. citizens who sign up before the year is over get to use the service. For each time users make use of Live Search, Microsoft’s search engine to make an internet search, they are awarded points or tickets, which can be redeemed against prizes.

While there may be flaws in the system, the fact that such a basic marketing tactic is still in use says a lot for online marketing. Online SEO services find such incentive based services great for getting the target audience familiarized with a particular service. 

Another plus point is the branding potential present in such website marketing strategies. Look at how Facebook got users to make use of applications like iLike, StyleFeeder, Pass a Drink, etc. to stack up on points they could use to redeem against virtual gifts. 

Adding value to the user-experience has its benefits and while for Microsoft it could be just a trickle in the barrel where boosting popularity is concerned, for smaller businesses and startups such a strategy could spell as more profit. Just make sure that you hire the services of a really good online marketing company to handle all your website promotion.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

SEO Press Releases – Have You Unlocked Their Potential As Yet?

The Pew Internet & American Life Project discovered that over 50 million Americans access online news on a regular day. If you have paid close attention, you might observe that a fraction of the news reports sent out to news alerts, RSS aggregators and news searches are actually press releases.

Online SEO services have wonderfully adapted this once not-so-famous medium of news distribution. Today, press releases on the internet do not require a sales pitch if optimized properly. Press release optimization, as it is known in some circles, does all the promotion for the company.

They are increasingly becoming an excellent albeit veiled effort at public relations.

The very nature of a press release is rooted in objectivity and readers immediately understand that they are acquainted with knowledge that has come straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. This automatically gives a release an aspect of credibility, which is what good online marketing always tries to do for a client or business.

What about your business though? Are you missing out on this incredible internet marketing strategy? Does your press release stand out from the 2,000 plus releases that the bigwigs of press release distribution (PR Newswire, Business Wire, PRWeb, etc.) send out everyday?

If no, then maybe it’s time to hire an online SEO solutions professional who have experience in press release creation. A comprehensive online marketing company will be of more help though, as web content writers under them have a thorough understanding of press release optimization besides content creation.

Power up the marketing potential of your press releases; get in touch with Cosmos Creatives.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Letting Custom-made Themes Do All The Search Engine Marketing

Wordpress recently renewed their attitude towards their themes section and promised the public of a lot more activity in this department in future. Quite a pleasant surprise, as regardless of the swish themes that people have been creating for this open source blogging tool, they never really would announce it when a new theme came in. 

One of the search engine marketing blogs I follow announced their custom-made Wordpress themes around the same time. Quite naturally, themes hold a lot of branding potential especially as a search engine marketing tool. These guys had a theme created on the lines of their brand’s color scheme. Discreet insertion of their logo and an accreditation to them further highlighted their main services- online SEO services and web development.

Think of it as the skeleton for a micro-site or a landing page, but with more user-appeal and brand impact. Of course, you will have to think about your target market before you decide on this website promotion technique. Whichever web development team you hire for conceptualizing and developing a search engine optimized theme or template, they need to have this sorted out before embarking on the design plan.

The next time you want to get some search engine marketing done, all you need to do is get your search engine optimization and website design team to create a theme with your company stamp and branding. It makes for rather effective website promotion and search engine marketing.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Landing Page Optimization – Trust your SEO company

No, landing pages don’t have to be flashy, brimming with relevant content and links to this offer or that contact form.

Nobody will look at the landing page for your business if it’s supplying them with a lot of information.

A smart search engine optimization and web development professional will tell you that good landing pages are all about select spots that need to be emphasized to captivate the consumer. 

Of course, you need to provide them with all the information that you think is necessary to feature on your landing page.

Website designers and developers can accordingly design the landing page to accommodate this information. Be warned though, this might reduce your content drastically. But no more so that the impact is lost (at least that’s what a smart online SEO service does).

One of the cool things about implementing excellent landing page optimization techniques is the clutter-free image it projects to the consumer. It’s all about clean designs, precise information, appealing color schemes and subtle soft-selling.

You might want to tell the user as much about your product or service when he or she visits your website. But you are bound to scare them away with information-overload if you do the same on your landing page. Similarly, a domain name containing a relevant keyword instead of an ambiguous name for your business or service is imperative.

Remember, visitors will visit your site mainly because your landing page is showing them what they are looking for, and not because you are replicating your website. Trust the online SEO solutions professionals you choose to get your message across.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Website Design For Social Networks – Have You Figured Out Your Target Market?

Social networks and online communities are an accepted part of the web now and there are very few that can do without them. If you have decided to start a social network dedicated to interaction between your employees or even between users of your products or services, then great going!

It’s even better when you chose a team of result-oriented website design professionals and web development experts to give shape to your idea. As Dion Hinchcliffe of ZDNet reflects, “It’s beginning to be understood that communities aren’t just for socializing but for getting things done.”

One of the primary elements that a reliable website design company will work on before settling on the development design for an online community is a thorough study of the niche market. For instance, if you are a PR company specializing in clubs and nightspots and wish to create a loyal network of clubbers, then you know that the younger age group is the one you need to target.

The level of exclusivity depends completely on the type of end-user you want to attract.

If the target audience has not been figured out then the development process can get ambiguous.

Creating an online portal that engages the visitor and end-user enough to guarantee automatic word-of-mouth advertising is another vital component your hired website design company needs to work on. All it takes is one exceptional feature that will make your network irresistible to the target market, and you have found for yourself a dedicated group of takers for your online community.

This is why movie reviewers love being associated with the Rotten Tomatoes community, and why musicians tend to gravitate towards MySpace and more recently, why Christians would probably want to join Xt3.

Hire website design professionals who are familiar with the ethos behind online communities and make sure that you elucidate on your ideas clearly to get the best results.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The ‘C’redibility Factor – Do Your Hired SEOs Have It?

Rory Cellan-Jones was talking about the side effects of the changing face of journalism all over the world on his BBC blog the other day. Ruing about how readers now relate to news services he says, “The audience - which used to know its place - is being asked to act as a kind of journalistic ombudsman, ruling on our credibility.”

In the world of search engine optimization and online marketing as well, social bookmarking services like Digg and Sphinn have yielded the responsibility of gauging credibility in the hands of the readers/visitors.

Tools like those that Blogged and RateItAll provide are a badge of popularity that website visitors happily use to deem a site as cool or not.

Even Google loves sites that have popular and higher page ranked sites linking to them.

Far from complaining about such tools, which search engine optimizers have to keep adapting and incorporating in their strategies, there is an added subtle assurance sent out to the reader or site visitor. An assurance that says, ‘Yes, we know all that we say we know and others know that we know it to. So come trust us.’

That oft-repeated old adage, ‘survival of the fittest’ keeps manifesting itself, and this credibility debate is a good example. It definitely keeps the competition engaged while discarding those that don’t have it. This is better than the jungle though, even if you have lost or reduced your credibility, you have countless chances to regain it.

For search engine optimization that’s got the ‘C’ Factor, get in touch with Cosmos Creatives. We’ll help you get it and keep it with the first chance.