Thursday, January 31, 2008

How Google Bombing Can Affect Businesses:

As the search engine giant themselves define it, Google bombs are the result of a group of people using a specific chosen link to boost up the page in the Google ranking using anchor text or keywords that may or may not occur in the website.

Ever since the first Google bomb targeted Microsoft, Google bombs have fascinated the imaginations of millions seeking to undermine Google. There are Google bombs that are done by search engine optimizers as part of an SEO challenge as well. This is one of the reasons why the term search engine optimization is widely accepted as a Google bomb.

But Google bombs hold negative connotations as well, as can be seen from the most famous Google bomb of all times- the George Bush “miserable failure” bomb. A recent development which points to a revival of the Google bomb is the scientology main website turning up when the search phrase “dangerous cult” is typed in the search box.

In February 2007, Google re-evaluated its PageRank feature which made it safer for those businesses that stood a chance of being affected by the bombing. A lot of search engine optimizers also condemn Google bombing stating it to be the same as spamdexing. Organic SEO practices do not recommend Google bombing at all.

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