Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jazz Up Your Travel Business – Online Marketing Style:

The world is getting smaller and if you own a travel and tourism website, you can facilitate a smooth ride from point A to B. But the main problem that stands in the way of many tourist websites is more often than not, a poorly presented website.

Small tweaks and touches that matter can be added though with the help of just a few tricks from a resourceful online marketing professional and an inventive web design expert.

It’s your business and your website, so the first step to a good travel website is to get your hired experts to de-clutter your website. Categorize the site and keep the home page free of an excess of special offers, hotspots, hotel and transport pictures, etc.

A lot of travel and tourism websites have home pages that are just short of giving a visitor a headache thanks to tickers that announce airline flights and slide-shows of old landmark pictures. Ascertain which section of the travel market you are targeting and accordingly convey to the website designer what you wish to convey.

For instance, if you are targeting safari enthusiasts, work out an outdoorsy look with the help of your website designer. If you are targeting luxury vacation travelers, get your website to ooze out a minimal yet ornamental charm. But whatever you do, steer clear from stereotyping your audience’s tastes.

The audience wants information and they want it delivered with minimum fuss and with maximum panache. Get in touch with the web developers and online marketers at Cosmos Creatives, we shall help you optimize your travel and tourism website.


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