Thursday, January 31, 2008

Making SEO Actually Work For You:

Competition in the search engine optimization business is tough. There are so many websites, blogsites, e-books, advertisements, brochures and assorted paraphernalia fluttering about on the Internet professing to take your SERP’s high and promising really good online SEO services.

With the browser add-on and website widget explosion, there have been numerous tools that have surfaced to help the webmaster and web developer to get the best out of websites in their stash.

Firefox, one of the more popular browsers used today, has earned a reputation of being SEO-friendly with the plethora of options it has to make the lives of search engine optimizers and online marketers easy. Thomas McMahon, in his post names eleven such Firefox add-ons that can be handy for SEOs.

With one tool possessing the means to highlight nofollow links, back links and indexed pages, there is another that can point out the meta data occurring in a webpage. And not only can these tools be used by SEOs and web developers, novices to the Internet and search engine searches too can use some of the more basic tools to screen out websites that matter from the ones that don’t.

So are your SEO efforts making you part of that section of websites that matters? Cosmos Creatives can help you find out, affordably and efficiently.


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