Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Search Engine Optimization – Its All In The Mind:

The end-user and the search engine - these two factions play a very important role in determining how successful your online marketing efforts actually are. You see, these two elements can change the way they think without prior notice or warning. Products, people and services that are at the top of the game today can be tomorrow’s old news.

This is one of the main reasons why search engine optimization is a constantly evolving miasma of concepts. Search engine optimizers and website developers try to get into psyche of the consumer and filter out the manner in which they relate to a particular business. This is one of the most basic methods of researching relevant keywords.

These keywords are then submitted to the search engine for use in the client’s website content and any other related online content. This step is very important as the search engine’s algorithm or filtering mechanism has to accept the researched keywords and treat them as relevant enough to warrant the website’s inclusion in SERP’s.

But the work of an SEO is not over once the keyword set is accepted by the search engine. As the algorithms keep changing, so does the list of accepted keywords keep changing. It is a never-ending process and hence the need for professional search engine optimizers is quite important to ensure the long-term success of an organization.

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  1. When we optimize our website, we do end user optimization since end users are the people who will consume information on our website.

    Search engine optimization is the secondary to bring the and users.

    So always do optimize your website for website user first and then for search engines.

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