Thursday, January 31, 2008

Top 5 Places Where SEO’s Use Keywords:

Relevant keywords have always been touted by search engine optimizers and web developers as the ultimate in search engine optimization. So let’s see where exactly these keywords can be inserted in a web page to enable better indexing by the search engines.

  1. Domain Name:

Search engines immediately associate a web page’s content with the domain name when a visitor is searching for information on a particular product. So if a search term on the lines of modern wedding cakes is put in a search engine, the search results are more likely than not to feature a domain name that has these terms first. Visitors too are more likely to treat this site as the most relevant to their search.

  1. Title Tag:

This is one of the main areas where keywords that are the most relevant to your website can be used. Not only do search engines find your website better but site visitors too are aided in making an instant connection between your page and what they are looking for.

  1. Anchor Text:

Anchor text is text that is hyperlinked to either another website or to another page within the parent website. Anchor text is always related to the hyperlinked page and SEO’s are careful to make them synonymous with the keywords that have to be implemented.

  1. Website Content:

There is much SEO that can be accomplished by content writers with the use of keywords in strategic parts of the content. A controlled repetition of keywords in the site content is a very important SEO technique.

  1. Page URLs:

Search engine optimizers can utilize keywords in the URLs of different pages of the website in a particular manner to make them search engine friendly. Lengthy and unclear URLs have to be avoided as they are avoided by the search engines.

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