Monday, February 25, 2008

Press Releases That Are Immediate And Last Long:

Press releases are one of the best ways in which some good public relation functions can be accomplished by an organization’s marketing team. They inform, educate and advertise any new products or services that may be launched or have been launched in a very cost-effective manner.

Press releases have been issued by businesses since the establishment of print communications and their use in the virtual world are just as important as and possibly more valuable than the former.

According to Danny Brown, a renowned freelance writer, “With traditional press releases, it tends to be that the initial story comes out, everyone gets excited for 30 minutes, then it's promptly forgotten”.

The case is different with virtual press releases however. A press release when submitted to a news distributor like PR Newswire or Yahoo! Press Room is optimized for search engines and is then circulated among well-connected networks. As the press release has been search engine optimized it stays in SERP’s and thus draws site visitors.

At Cosmos Creatives we undertake press release campaigns as part of our website promotion services. We undertake functions like behavioral targeting, evaluation services and analysis too besides press release distribution. We can also help your business by setting up an RSS feed system, which will further aid your website promotion and online marketing efforts.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Web Designing, Computer Games And Online Games:

‘Spore’, a computer game based on evolution, has bagged critic awards even before its launch and is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2008. The hullabaloo is partly due to its creator being the mastermind behind the famous SimCity computer game which took the gaming world by storm in the late 80’s and went on to become the bestselling computer game ever.

Graphic designers and Flash animation designers work on similar lines more often than not. As in computer games where an element of personalization is inserted into the gaming model, in Flash animation develops games in which a similar thread of design is incorporated.

But where computer games are often complex and involve extensive plots, intriguing strategies and a lot of role-play, Flash animation games are shorter and usually seek to create an impact with a witty storyline. These are the ones made use of by the marketing community for e-marketing.

There is a growing influence of the social aspect seen in a lot of computer games that have emerged recently though. This trend is especially noticed in online games like Second Life and even instant messaging systems like IMVU which blend Flash animations, dynamic environments and at times a social networking element that is highly customizable.

Contact Cosmos Creatives for refreshing marketing ideas that make use of web design.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do Your Online Marketing Strategies Include Mobile Users?

The launch of the Apple iPhone added greatly to the aspect of versatility that appeals multitudes of cell phone users. Its easy-to-navigate UI teamed with a lot of handy applications that were built to add value to the phone made it a hit among users.

There are more players in the field as well who have made it into consumer shopping carts like the Nokia N-series and E-series models, HTC, etc. and the like. Carriers like AT&T and T-mobile have usage plans that barely hamper users from making the best use of their phones, whether it is to track the weather or to surf the web.

With an increasing number of people taking so well to mobile phones, Google’s latest findings are rather apt. According to statistics, there have been 50 times more Google search requests recorded recently from iPhone users.

Vic Gundotra, head of Google’s mobile operations, surmised that should more mobile companies include Internet access on their handsets, the future of web searches could very well diminish as compared to mobile search.

If Google lays claim to over 80 percent of web search traffic, you know where you have to put your online marketing and search engine optimization dollars. So far the major drawback faced by mobile browsing is the lack of support required to load dynamic websites which have been developed for Flash animations and the like.

Streamline your SEO and website design techniques to create websites that can be viewed on mobile phones as well. You can insert in some Flash elements as there is a small market of devices that take care of such websites, but make sure you supplement Flash with content as well so that the rest of the devices are not left out.

Remember, each visitor is a potential user. Visit Cosmos Creatives for professional website promotion solutions.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Catchy Online Promotional Materials:

Networking in the real world and networking in the virtual world are both very necessary undertakings for the image maintenance of any business. In the real world, attending a corporate dinner can provide a chance for establishing business alliances as much as would a cocktail party at the Club.

Online, the instances to mingle among business partners are abundant and if you or your online marketing team is inventive enough, the possibilities can be endless. The best thing about Internet marketing, professionals are bound to agree with this, is its cost-effectiveness.

All you need is a driven team who can figure out the apple with a pattern on it from an apple that doesn’t seem to have one. Online marketing is a collective effort no doubt, as a lot of planning and experimentation is involved before implementing any strategic decisions.

A few really effective website promotion materials are website brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards and posters. Based on data like the budgets that are chalked out, the target market, predicted future sales and website demographics these materials can be either e-mailed as part of e-mail marketing campaigns or they can accompany small Flash animation videos which can be put up on the website.

Website promotion materials can also find a place among interactive features like virtual tours, Flash animation designed games and a lot more. We can help you reach out to your consumers using similar strategically developed methods and more at Cosmos Creatives.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Marketing On Different Search Engines:

With Google’s 80 percent dominance of the total web searches constantly reiterated by web analysts and experts, it seems natural to assume that pleasing this particular search engine is the main aim of an SEO.

Needless to say, it is not so, at least partly.

Recent findings compiled by Compete attest to Google’s dominance (68.9 percent) in Internet search. The findings also point out the secondary position held by Yahoo (17.4 percent), with Microsoft following closely (9.2 percent) and Ask (3.9 percent) trailing at the rear. The remaining searches are managed by minor search engines.

These statistics are meticulous in highlighting the reason why most online marketing and search engine marketing professionals give these four search engines such a wide berth.

Search engine usage differs from region to region as can be observed in the case of China where Baidu is the search engine of choice. In countries like Australia, Canada and the UK Google enjoys tremendous monopoly, while Yahoo sees a strong following in Japan.

Other variants that affect search engine usage are industry-specific search engines which differ from business to business like WebMD- used by the medical industry and for real estate. Activities like employment searches prefer the use of search engines like and Craigslist.

It would do well for a businessman to identify and understand the target market before consulting a web developer and online marketing professional for search engine marketing and SEO functions.

If you still are unsure about what step you need to take, contact us at Cosmos Creatives.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Crossing Genres:

On the Internet, a business identity can market itself just about anyway it wants to. Smart online marketing fundamentals require and often demand an inter-mingling of various genres of art styles and their presentation.

Thus, one can come across a travel and adventure media stalwart like Discovery Channel making use of a Rich Internet Application which can allow site visitors to witness climate change and polar melting in real time. The Discovery Channel has been making use of similar online marketing methods (interactive games, quizzes) for a long time now to dispense information very effectively.

MTV Online’s Indian segment calls out to budding graphic designers to create their version of the MTV logo and get it featured on the channel. At the main MTV website you can glimpse sober overtones with the Think MTV community which is aiming to be a sounding board for more socially and environmentally conscious youth.

Another major brand which has ventured into a different genre online is Disney, the children’s entertainment bigwig. It roped in the talents of couture designer Kirstie Kelly to create bridal wear masterpieces based on the very popular Disney Princess themes.

All it takes is an innovative online marketing expert and highly original web designers to create websites that have substance as well as style. At Cosmos Creatives, we have both these elements as well as a highly qualified team of web developers. Get in touch, we can mix and match better.

Flash Vs. HTML:

While the popularity of Flash is well established in the web design community, it’s functionality in the online marketing community is heavily argued. This argument has made a lot of web developers ponder upon its use.

The highlight of Flash is a dynamic interface, one that is constantly changing and at times interacting with the user. A lot of websites who take the Web 2.0 meme really seriously go for complete user interaction with the help of Flash templates and Flash animations.

Critics of Flash state that Flash animations and splash screens deflect the visitors to a website from the content that they are looking for. It is also true that browsing the Internet for websites that incorporate Flash as opposed to regular HTML or CSS is rather useless as the keywords, anchor text and other searchable features are rendered useless when included in Flash content.

When web developers develop a website for the purpose of Internet marketing, they encode a website using either HTML or CSS which are decidedly search engine friendly. Another drawback of using Flash animations instead of HTML or CSS for web design is its inability to load on handheld devices like PDA’s, smartphones and car displays.

From an Internet marketing professional’s point of view, a small section but one that is a significant revenue drawer is completely eliminated due to the use of Flash animations. The best way to ensure ranking in search engines is to marry Flash animations with HTML or CSS making the website appealing as well as search engine friendly.

You can get in touch with the web developers and web designers at Cosmos Creatives for ways on how this can be done. You wouldn’t want to lose out on a good deal now, would you?

What The Writers Strike Holds For Internet 2.0:

The Hollywood Writers Guild strike that ended last week has been the longest strike in 20 years with the participation of 10,500 writers on the first day itself boosting the cause. The bone of contention for the writers has been copyrights and royalties from movies and TV programming distribution on the Internet, of which they were not a part of.

The agreement that lead to the end of the strike reportedly confers a flat fee of $US1,200 for content that is streamed online for the first two years. This will be followed by a two percent pay of the distributor’s gross in the third year including a fee for downloading web content.

The Internet is literally a cesspool of information. Individuals can access nearly anything and everything on the Internet if they but possess the means and methods to do so. The new wave of content sharing and distribution on the Internet depends a lot on the very words that pose a threat to the creative talents of these artists- free and unlicensed.

What happens when the freedom to veritably limitless and varied knowledge on the Internet is taken away and piracy curtailed? Why, people will look for other (possibly underhanded) means to access this content and might even switch to traditional print and its distribution. This strike is just the first bubble that has been popped with slight success.

Copyright claims by content writers, painters, photographers, screenplay writers, graphic artists, illustrators, musicians and the rest of the creative brigade are just beginning to gain momentum. It’s just a matter of time till the bubbles increase in number.

Meanwhile, you can visit Cosmos Creatives for professional content writing and website design services that respect and do not violate creative copyright and artistic license.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Get Help From Behavioral Targeting:

A buzz-word from 2005 is still pretty relevant two years down the line for online marketing professionals and the eMarketing community. Behavioral targeting refers to the phenomenon of increasing a marketing campaign’s potential to succeed using the data collated from an individual’s online search method and search engine browsing behavior.

Many online marketing professionals make use of such systems in order to understand the appropriate manner in which consumers can be handled. Website advertisers find behavioral targeting very convenient to influence a wider network of people.

Some examples of systems that make use of behavioral targeting are WunderLoop, DoubleClick and Boomerang. Anybody who is conscious about branding, website promotion and Internet advertising is an ideal proponent of this technique.

According to eMarketer, the behavioral targeting technique is liable to grow and pool in 3.8 billion worth of dollars by 2011 as compared to the $575 million it is currently raking in. Do your Internet marketing efforts realize the power of targeted marketing yet?

If not, you can get in touch with the market savvy eMarketing professionals at Cosmos Creatives. We can help you get value for the ad dollars that you spend on marketing your business online.

Animated Worlds And Visions:

Ages ago optical illusions held tremendous fascination for the ancient Greeks. Centuries down the line, they yet hold the human mind in a strong grip inspiring many architectural masterpieces and works of art.

The animations used to make cartoons and films are the manifestation of the optical illusion of motion caused due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision. Modern animated images were initially executed using writing and drawing tools and paper. But this changed with the growing influence of the computer and advanced drawing technology.

Computer animation received form with the introduction of the revolutionary Flash software developed by three men with the vision of making it easier to draw using a computer than pen and paper. Web animation did not take much time catching up with the creative web design community.

A figure crossing two million design professionals make use of Flash currently and the scope for the implementation of this software is staggering. From mini films and cartoons to advertisements, feature films and interactive web content, the uses for Flash animations are still being discovered.

Tap into this well of innovation and adapt Flash animations for your website to give your business a whole new look. The web developers and website designers at Cosmos Creatives intermingle and implement ideas to make sure that search engines do not lose sight of your website even if there are Flash animations, Flash templates and Flash banners used.

The Sale Of The Season – And Finding Success In It:

There are few times in the year when some retailers and businesses positively rub their hands in glee. Starting from the New Year and moving on to special days like Valentine’s Day and holidays like Easter, Hanukkah and Christmas, the reasons retailers have to celebrate are more than the average man.

Seasonal marketing as it is generally known as, finds a lot of followers among the travel and tourism industry, luxury goods and gifts, clothing lines, and the hospitality business. The marketing models used to market and advertise special offers and deals can be traditional (print, TV, radio, etc.) or they can be virtual (online marketing, viral marketing, pay per click, etc.)

It is better to supplement one model with the other if optimum returns on investment are desired. A good example would be the recent Valentine’s Day promotion carried out in the UK by Swatch, the trendy watch brand where banners were put up in local trains advertising a lucky draw which could be entered online as well as via paper advertisements.

The best thing about seasonal online marketing is the short duration required for carrying out the campaign. The planning, of course is a long term process as different factors like budget adjustment, sales analysis from past marketing efforts, the various marketing professionals required, etc. have to all be evaluated and coordinated.

Seasonal marketing may be commercialization of holidays and special days for some critics, but when used in the right manner they can help a business forge a personalized bond with their consumers. Contact Cosmos Creatives for expert suggestions and help in creating sensitive Internet marketing campaigns.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Google Poisoning – Harmful SEO:

Not all search engine optimization is ethical and organic. Offers of getting a website designed, running and generating revenue within a couple of weeks abound on the Internet, some boasting of lofty claims like a $2000 worth ‘big’ SEO package with ‘guarantees’.

While such packages might be a bargain for small businesses, they are best to be ignored by SBO’s and big organizations alike. The main reason for this advice is the techniques that these so-called SEO’s implement, most of which are decidedly black hat and criminal. A website will be banned sooner than the SEO contract is over, and it will take a long time to get back lost business credibility.

Similar to Google bombing, Google poisoning is a black hat search engine optimization technique. It rides on the concept of criminal hackers designing web pages that trick the search engine into awarding them with high search engine rankings.

One of the more famous Google poisoning efforts was the ‘funny drunk’ search term, which churned out websites that were hosted on Chinese domains. Visitors to these websites were forced to install a malicious program, “Spy-shredder”.

Black hat SEO is a malignant presence on the Internet as it interferes with search engine behavior. Besides Google poisoning, such techniques also involve the creation of fake websites, MFA sites and more.

At Cosmos Creatives, we steer away from such search engine optimization techniques. While the end goal is always to please the search engine and the user, the ethical online marketing principles we implement do not interfere with search engine functioning.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting The Most From Your Competitors:

In a previous post I mentioned an important job which webmasters cannot ignore as part of their duties. Competitor deconstruction and analysis are natural precursors and requisite follow-ups respectively, for effective search engine optimization and online marketing of a business.

Upon observation there will be certain SEO techniques which will be more obvious than the others implemented on a competitor website. For instance, the style of navigation used on a website marks it as either search engine friendly or repellent. The keyword relevancy and density also speak a lot about which aspects the rival webmaster is focusing upon.

While browsing competitor websites, it is best to use a browser like Mozilla firefox which comes with some handy SEO and web development tools for keeping track of the PageRank, Meta tags, Nofollow tags, etc.

Tracking the Nofollow tags can be very advantageous during competitor analysis as these tags usually channel the PageRank across a website. An XML sitemap that is clear and aids easy navigation is another aspect that you have to look out for as the manner in which it is organized reflects the efforts taken by the rival webmaster in laying out the website.

While it is impossible to get a complete deconstruction of your competitor’s websites, it is possible to get a good online marketing professional who knows how to ferret out the best from the Internet for website promotion. You can visit Cosmos Creatives for the some of the best search engine optimizers and online marketing professionals.

Big Dreams For Your Small Business? Here’s Help:

Small business owners (SBO’s) and professionals face tough competition in the virtual world, especially in fields that have a lot of demand and face an excess of exposure like real estate, clothing, design, food, travel and tourism, etc.

While the big names in these businesses draw traffic on the basis of already established reputations, businesses that are looking for a break into the market find it difficult to establish a strong root.

This is why you have professionals in the business of online marketing, and who can be hired in order to generate some quality exposure for a small business. Web developers, search engine optimizers and e-commerce experts can be employed by SBO’s either as a team or they can be individually hired on the basis of a contract.

Hired SEO’s do away with the overhead costs and management details involving an employed team and they possess specialized knowledge in the online search engine marketing and search engine optimization business.

They are especially useful for a growing business or a small business owner as they have flexibility in terms of deadlines and they can be quite accommodating where different online marketing services are concerned.

The mode of payment that the search engine optimizers and Internet marketing professionals at Cosmos Creatives charge SBO’s is on a contract basis which can be discharged at one time, thus ruling out the hassles that accompany periodic payments. We work out similar considerations for big organizations as well.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Decoding The Webmaster:

Being a webmaster is a very complex job as it involves every aspect of a website and numerous responsibilities. The concept, website design, web development, online marketing, maintenance and competitor analysis are just a handful of terms that summarize the duties of a webmaster.

Most webmasters go on to become web hosts and by the time they assume this responsibility they are proficient in almost everything that the team under them has knowledge of.

From the selection of a domain name to its registration and protection; from a good grasp of website design and programming languages like CSS, HTML and XML to web development techniques, there is a lot of knowledge that webmasters are required to possess.

The search engine optimization of websites that are maintained by a webmaster is also very important. Unless the websites are not optimized for the search engines, they are unable to draw any attention to their existence. Webmasters make use of SEO strategies and online marketing techniques to feature their client sites or their own websites in SERP’s.

Working according to the specifications of the website owner, the webmaster can accomplish much by way of website promotion. Regular client vs. competitor analysis has is carried out in order to work on those aspects of the website that are in need of improvement.

You can get in touch with us at Cosmos Creatives for web hosting services and webmasters who know what the website development and maintenance business is all about.

Search Engine Submission – May It Rest In Peace:

Once upon a time…

Search engine optimizers used to market a website by first introducing it directly to the major search engines. They used to do this because search engines then took time to come by their website and they preferred going up to the search engine than waiting to be approached by them.

This would be more of a hassle than help for a website as webmasters and search engine optimizers had to do search engine submissions (SES) every time the web page or website was updated. This proved to be a rather tedious process, not to mention money and time consuming.

A change in the way search engines function led to this activity being discouraged as search engines had evolved enough to do the searching or crawling of websites on their own. Today, search engine optimizers do not pay much attention towards search engine submission as the latter are likely to penalize such sites and treat them as link farms.

Today, whatever SES is done by search engine optimizers and webmasters involves only the home page of the website. Search engine giant Google introduced the Google Sitemaps tool which allowed web developers and SEO’s to submit the different links in their website.

At Cosmos Creatives, we attempt to understand the way search engines function. While it is difficult to predict their workings, we analyze them enough to elevate our clients’ SERP’s significantly.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Your Unique Domain Name:

There are some web host providers who offer site building tools, website designing options, search engine optimization and online marketing as part of their services. Domain name registration too is thrown in the package to complete the deal.

The last option is very important as the business of web domain names have taken a momentum of their own in recent years. The domain name of a particular website refers to the name that identifies a website and is always present in the URL.

Domain names play a big role in the branding efforts of an online business with site visitors tending to give websites that are what their domain names suggest more importance.

Thus, if a website about old movies has a name containing those very words, then logically it will draw more traffic then any other website dealing with a similar subject. Selecting an appropriate domain name for a website has to be given a lot of thought for the simple reason of drawing targeted traffic.

Visit Cosmos Creatives for web hosting services and innovative ways to market your business online. We manage blogs, social networking platforms and more for businesses who prefer an out of the box approach towards online marketing.

There’s An E-book Hiding In Your Blog:

Knowledge is power and if you are an avid writer or web content writer with your own blogsite, you are sitting in an oasis of power. For online content writers it doesn’t matter what their area of expertise is; anything that is written with conviction is important.

You could manage a popular celebrity gossip blog, or you could have a blog talking about alternative medicine. Wherever there is information that is reliable and interesting on the Internet, there is an opportunity to earn profit from it.

It was opportunities like these that led to the rise of many entrepreneurs during the dotcom boom in the 90’s. People are reeling in profits today using these very same ideas.

E-books, as a medium of viral marketing, play an important role in online marketing. It’s easy creating one and if you regularly blog online, you have an e-book waiting to be published online.

However, to preserve the credibility of your knowledge it is better to get the research and facts right before publishing an e-book online. If you are borrowing information it is better to state the sources and get printing permissions. It takes just one negative comment to bust months of hard-work.

Marketing your e-book is not that hard either. If your blog is popular among your peers, you already have your viral marketing network chalked out. All you have to do is promote your blog through the appropriate channels and let your peers do the rest.

You can get in touch with the online marketing experts at Cosmos Creatives, for help in viral marketing techniques that can help you get your knowledge out to the world.

Getting A Good College Notice You On The Internet:

There are a lot of good uses that the Internet can be put to, and one of them just happens to be for college football recruitments. In a country where football frenzy is an accepted fact of life, the number of young Americans looking to make their mark in the game is phenomenal and can get pretty cut-throat at times.

This is partially the reason why sites like were started. These websites provide a centralized and reliable space for high school football players to do some online marketing of their own. They can create profiles, put up videos of their games and do just about anything to draw the attention of college recruiters.

Video sites like Youtube function similarly with the video hosting facilities that they provide. Even social network communities and blogsites provide spaces where members can post in videos and photographs showcasing the best they have.

It’s not hard to get some basic online marketing done these days. There are always professional eMarketers and web developers looking out for small projects which can provide them with an avenue to showcase their talents. Advertising can work for both parties in such cases.

It’s all about widening your reach and capturing as many minds as is possible. To widen your reach with some smart online marketing, contact Cosmos Creatives.

Of Book Writing Machines:

A French professor of management science has unveiled a device that can be used to churn out more than 200, 000 books. All a writer needs to do is put in the plot for the book in the machine and it integrates into a database containing information similar to the topic.

The machine then compiles the data into a book for the reader’s reading pleasure. How simple it all seems and how easy would it be to produce such immense quantities of literature. But then, what of the quality?

While such a machine would be all right for creating content that is technical in nature, it would serve no purpose to create books on topics that have no fixed formulae. Web content writing, for all the convenience posed by such machines and free article websites, is a serious business.

Search engines are more concerned with the content of a website and tend to overlook websites that consist of content that seems to be duplicated. Plus, if you are trying to build up a reputation by showcasing your writing skills, it is wise to generate site content that sounds original.

Visit us at Cosmos Creatives for website content that is authentic and trustworthy. Our content writers generate content for articles, blogs, websites, newsletters, brochures as well as e-mails.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Optimizing The Pictures On Your Website:

An important aspect of a web page’s content is the image and graphics that are interspersed with the text. Anchor text and visible hyperlinks usually point out a website visitor to other pages on the same website or on other websites.

Optimizing the images on a web page for search engine optimization does have certain benefits. For instance, web designers use the same image in multiple areas to save up on image loading time and allowing the website to open up quicker. A site visitor is not left waiting for the graphics to load up on the page.

GIF generated graphics and JPEG saved photographs are best for image optimization. Using image optimization tools also help web developers and website designers utilize images better on websites.

When coded with JavaScript, such graphics and photographs can load in the background while the web page is being loaded. Another trick web developers make use of is using smaller versions of the image called thumbnails. These thumbnails are linked to the actual size of the image or photograph.

Using thumbnails fill the need to use an image without taxing the server or the site user. It doesn’t hurt to tag pictures with generic sounding titles and keywords either as it helps search engines pick these pictures faster in an image search.

At Cosmos Creatives we have some of the best web designers and web developers working on websites to make them search engine friendly and user friendly.

Web Directories – Why Submit In Them?

Web directories are whole collections of websites or links to websites with the main aim of offering a categorized search. Of course they also earn revenue from the advertisements and submission fees while they go about performing this function.

The manner in which different websites are categorized allow for traffic that is more filtered than what is found in search engines to visit a listed website. While there is no sudden influx of traffic, there are certain benefits of website submission to web directories and article directories.

The editors at a web directory or article directory scan entire websites and not just a few pages or defined keyword sets. Such detailed scanning makes it difficult for sites that are MFA (made for AdSense) and with inferior content to get through.

Depending on the keywords and linked anchor text used, search engines crawl a submitted website or article more often resulting in frequent indexing of the same. Frequent indexing leads to a higher rank in a search engine and ultimately higher visibility.

Since high visibility in SERP’s is the main aim of search engine optimization, article and website submission form an important part of an SEO campaign. It may seem an easy enough process, but directory submissions have to be done carefully and involve the combined efforts of website designers, content writers, web developers and online marketing experts.

You can get in touch with all these experts at Cosmos Creatives for more help in article and website submission.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Are You A Good Content Writer?

Writers are an odd lot, most of us dubious of our writing skills and given in to long spells of reflection. What works for one does not necessarily work for another. But then again, that’s life and like everything else in life, needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Still, resigning your writing style to broodings of life is not really a good idea for a content writer. The trick is to get your content writing to work for your target audience, after which, you shall find most of your work accomplished.

Hooking the audience or website visitor with good content is the main aim of every web content writer. Get your research from sources that are trustworthy and credible, this is the basis of ethical content writing. Search engines ignore websites that seem to feature content that is duplicated and or copied with minimal modification.

Warming to your audience, by providing them with the option to talkback or offer suggestions can prove beneficial in the long-run. There is a lot of valuable advice I have benefited from thanks to a few comments from perceptive visitors.

Remember, everybody has an opinion and everybody wants to be heard on the Internet. As a web content writer, you have to be discerning enough to sieve the wheat from the chaff and see that the chaff is disposed off appropriately.

If you are a business owner looking for content writers that are better than good, visit us at Cosmos Creatives.