Friday, February 15, 2008

Animated Worlds And Visions:

Ages ago optical illusions held tremendous fascination for the ancient Greeks. Centuries down the line, they yet hold the human mind in a strong grip inspiring many architectural masterpieces and works of art.

The animations used to make cartoons and films are the manifestation of the optical illusion of motion caused due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision. Modern animated images were initially executed using writing and drawing tools and paper. But this changed with the growing influence of the computer and advanced drawing technology.

Computer animation received form with the introduction of the revolutionary Flash software developed by three men with the vision of making it easier to draw using a computer than pen and paper. Web animation did not take much time catching up with the creative web design community.

A figure crossing two million design professionals make use of Flash currently and the scope for the implementation of this software is staggering. From mini films and cartoons to advertisements, feature films and interactive web content, the uses for Flash animations are still being discovered.

Tap into this well of innovation and adapt Flash animations for your website to give your business a whole new look. The web developers and website designers at Cosmos Creatives intermingle and implement ideas to make sure that search engines do not lose sight of your website even if there are Flash animations, Flash templates and Flash banners used.


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