Monday, February 11, 2008

Decoding The Webmaster:

Being a webmaster is a very complex job as it involves every aspect of a website and numerous responsibilities. The concept, website design, web development, online marketing, maintenance and competitor analysis are just a handful of terms that summarize the duties of a webmaster.

Most webmasters go on to become web hosts and by the time they assume this responsibility they are proficient in almost everything that the team under them has knowledge of.

From the selection of a domain name to its registration and protection; from a good grasp of website design and programming languages like CSS, HTML and XML to web development techniques, there is a lot of knowledge that webmasters are required to possess.

The search engine optimization of websites that are maintained by a webmaster is also very important. Unless the websites are not optimized for the search engines, they are unable to draw any attention to their existence. Webmasters make use of SEO strategies and online marketing techniques to feature their client sites or their own websites in SERP’s.

Working according to the specifications of the website owner, the webmaster can accomplish much by way of website promotion. Regular client vs. competitor analysis has is carried out in order to work on those aspects of the website that are in need of improvement.

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