Monday, February 18, 2008

Flash Vs. HTML:

While the popularity of Flash is well established in the web design community, it’s functionality in the online marketing community is heavily argued. This argument has made a lot of web developers ponder upon its use.

The highlight of Flash is a dynamic interface, one that is constantly changing and at times interacting with the user. A lot of websites who take the Web 2.0 meme really seriously go for complete user interaction with the help of Flash templates and Flash animations.

Critics of Flash state that Flash animations and splash screens deflect the visitors to a website from the content that they are looking for. It is also true that browsing the Internet for websites that incorporate Flash as opposed to regular HTML or CSS is rather useless as the keywords, anchor text and other searchable features are rendered useless when included in Flash content.

When web developers develop a website for the purpose of Internet marketing, they encode a website using either HTML or CSS which are decidedly search engine friendly. Another drawback of using Flash animations instead of HTML or CSS for web design is its inability to load on handheld devices like PDA’s, smartphones and car displays.

From an Internet marketing professional’s point of view, a small section but one that is a significant revenue drawer is completely eliminated due to the use of Flash animations. The best way to ensure ranking in search engines is to marry Flash animations with HTML or CSS making the website appealing as well as search engine friendly.

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