Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting The Most From Your Competitors:

In a previous post I mentioned an important job which webmasters cannot ignore as part of their duties. Competitor deconstruction and analysis are natural precursors and requisite follow-ups respectively, for effective search engine optimization and online marketing of a business.

Upon observation there will be certain SEO techniques which will be more obvious than the others implemented on a competitor website. For instance, the style of navigation used on a website marks it as either search engine friendly or repellent. The keyword relevancy and density also speak a lot about which aspects the rival webmaster is focusing upon.

While browsing competitor websites, it is best to use a browser like Mozilla firefox which comes with some handy SEO and web development tools for keeping track of the PageRank, Meta tags, Nofollow tags, etc.

Tracking the Nofollow tags can be very advantageous during competitor analysis as these tags usually channel the PageRank across a website. An XML sitemap that is clear and aids easy navigation is another aspect that you have to look out for as the manner in which it is organized reflects the efforts taken by the rival webmaster in laying out the website.

While it is impossible to get a complete deconstruction of your competitor’s websites, it is possible to get a good online marketing professional who knows how to ferret out the best from the Internet for website promotion. You can visit Cosmos Creatives for the some of the best search engine optimizers and online marketing professionals.


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