Thursday, February 14, 2008

Google Poisoning – Harmful SEO:

Not all search engine optimization is ethical and organic. Offers of getting a website designed, running and generating revenue within a couple of weeks abound on the Internet, some boasting of lofty claims like a $2000 worth ‘big’ SEO package with ‘guarantees’.

While such packages might be a bargain for small businesses, they are best to be ignored by SBO’s and big organizations alike. The main reason for this advice is the techniques that these so-called SEO’s implement, most of which are decidedly black hat and criminal. A website will be banned sooner than the SEO contract is over, and it will take a long time to get back lost business credibility.

Similar to Google bombing, Google poisoning is a black hat search engine optimization technique. It rides on the concept of criminal hackers designing web pages that trick the search engine into awarding them with high search engine rankings.

One of the more famous Google poisoning efforts was the ‘funny drunk’ search term, which churned out websites that were hosted on Chinese domains. Visitors to these websites were forced to install a malicious program, “Spy-shredder”.

Black hat SEO is a malignant presence on the Internet as it interferes with search engine behavior. Besides Google poisoning, such techniques also involve the creation of fake websites, MFA sites and more.

At Cosmos Creatives, we steer away from such search engine optimization techniques. While the end goal is always to please the search engine and the user, the ethical online marketing principles we implement do not interfere with search engine functioning.


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