Friday, February 8, 2008

Of Book Writing Machines:

A French professor of management science has unveiled a device that can be used to churn out more than 200, 000 books. All a writer needs to do is put in the plot for the book in the machine and it integrates into a database containing information similar to the topic.

The machine then compiles the data into a book for the reader’s reading pleasure. How simple it all seems and how easy would it be to produce such immense quantities of literature. But then, what of the quality?

While such a machine would be all right for creating content that is technical in nature, it would serve no purpose to create books on topics that have no fixed formulae. Web content writing, for all the convenience posed by such machines and free article websites, is a serious business.

Search engines are more concerned with the content of a website and tend to overlook websites that consist of content that seems to be duplicated. Plus, if you are trying to build up a reputation by showcasing your writing skills, it is wise to generate site content that sounds original.

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