Thursday, February 7, 2008

Optimizing The Pictures On Your Website:

An important aspect of a web page’s content is the image and graphics that are interspersed with the text. Anchor text and visible hyperlinks usually point out a website visitor to other pages on the same website or on other websites.

Optimizing the images on a web page for search engine optimization does have certain benefits. For instance, web designers use the same image in multiple areas to save up on image loading time and allowing the website to open up quicker. A site visitor is not left waiting for the graphics to load up on the page.

GIF generated graphics and JPEG saved photographs are best for image optimization. Using image optimization tools also help web developers and website designers utilize images better on websites.

When coded with JavaScript, such graphics and photographs can load in the background while the web page is being loaded. Another trick web developers make use of is using smaller versions of the image called thumbnails. These thumbnails are linked to the actual size of the image or photograph.

Using thumbnails fill the need to use an image without taxing the server or the site user. It doesn’t hurt to tag pictures with generic sounding titles and keywords either as it helps search engines pick these pictures faster in an image search.

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