Friday, February 15, 2008

The Sale Of The Season – And Finding Success In It:

There are few times in the year when some retailers and businesses positively rub their hands in glee. Starting from the New Year and moving on to special days like Valentine’s Day and holidays like Easter, Hanukkah and Christmas, the reasons retailers have to celebrate are more than the average man.

Seasonal marketing as it is generally known as, finds a lot of followers among the travel and tourism industry, luxury goods and gifts, clothing lines, and the hospitality business. The marketing models used to market and advertise special offers and deals can be traditional (print, TV, radio, etc.) or they can be virtual (online marketing, viral marketing, pay per click, etc.)

It is better to supplement one model with the other if optimum returns on investment are desired. A good example would be the recent Valentine’s Day promotion carried out in the UK by Swatch, the trendy watch brand where banners were put up in local trains advertising a lucky draw which could be entered online as well as via paper advertisements.

The best thing about seasonal online marketing is the short duration required for carrying out the campaign. The planning, of course is a long term process as different factors like budget adjustment, sales analysis from past marketing efforts, the various marketing professionals required, etc. have to all be evaluated and coordinated.

Seasonal marketing may be commercialization of holidays and special days for some critics, but when used in the right manner they can help a business forge a personalized bond with their consumers. Contact Cosmos Creatives for expert suggestions and help in creating sensitive Internet marketing campaigns.


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