Monday, February 11, 2008

Search Engine Submission – May It Rest In Peace:

Once upon a time…

Search engine optimizers used to market a website by first introducing it directly to the major search engines. They used to do this because search engines then took time to come by their website and they preferred going up to the search engine than waiting to be approached by them.

This would be more of a hassle than help for a website as webmasters and search engine optimizers had to do search engine submissions (SES) every time the web page or website was updated. This proved to be a rather tedious process, not to mention money and time consuming.

A change in the way search engines function led to this activity being discouraged as search engines had evolved enough to do the searching or crawling of websites on their own. Today, search engine optimizers do not pay much attention towards search engine submission as the latter are likely to penalize such sites and treat them as link farms.

Today, whatever SES is done by search engine optimizers and webmasters involves only the home page of the website. Search engine giant Google introduced the Google Sitemaps tool which allowed web developers and SEO’s to submit the different links in their website.

At Cosmos Creatives, we attempt to understand the way search engines function. While it is difficult to predict their workings, we analyze them enough to elevate our clients’ SERP’s significantly.


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