Friday, February 8, 2008

There’s An E-book Hiding In Your Blog:

Knowledge is power and if you are an avid writer or web content writer with your own blogsite, you are sitting in an oasis of power. For online content writers it doesn’t matter what their area of expertise is; anything that is written with conviction is important.

You could manage a popular celebrity gossip blog, or you could have a blog talking about alternative medicine. Wherever there is information that is reliable and interesting on the Internet, there is an opportunity to earn profit from it.

It was opportunities like these that led to the rise of many entrepreneurs during the dotcom boom in the 90’s. People are reeling in profits today using these very same ideas.

E-books, as a medium of viral marketing, play an important role in online marketing. It’s easy creating one and if you regularly blog online, you have an e-book waiting to be published online.

However, to preserve the credibility of your knowledge it is better to get the research and facts right before publishing an e-book online. If you are borrowing information it is better to state the sources and get printing permissions. It takes just one negative comment to bust months of hard-work.

Marketing your e-book is not that hard either. If your blog is popular among your peers, you already have your viral marketing network chalked out. All you have to do is promote your blog through the appropriate channels and let your peers do the rest.

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