Friday, February 22, 2008

Web Designing, Computer Games And Online Games:

‘Spore’, a computer game based on evolution, has bagged critic awards even before its launch and is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2008. The hullabaloo is partly due to its creator being the mastermind behind the famous SimCity computer game which took the gaming world by storm in the late 80’s and went on to become the bestselling computer game ever.

Graphic designers and Flash animation designers work on similar lines more often than not. As in computer games where an element of personalization is inserted into the gaming model, in Flash animation develops games in which a similar thread of design is incorporated.

But where computer games are often complex and involve extensive plots, intriguing strategies and a lot of role-play, Flash animation games are shorter and usually seek to create an impact with a witty storyline. These are the ones made use of by the marketing community for e-marketing.

There is a growing influence of the social aspect seen in a lot of computer games that have emerged recently though. This trend is especially noticed in online games like Second Life and even instant messaging systems like IMVU which blend Flash animations, dynamic environments and at times a social networking element that is highly customizable.

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