Thursday, February 7, 2008

Web Directories – Why Submit In Them?

Web directories are whole collections of websites or links to websites with the main aim of offering a categorized search. Of course they also earn revenue from the advertisements and submission fees while they go about performing this function.

The manner in which different websites are categorized allow for traffic that is more filtered than what is found in search engines to visit a listed website. While there is no sudden influx of traffic, there are certain benefits of website submission to web directories and article directories.

The editors at a web directory or article directory scan entire websites and not just a few pages or defined keyword sets. Such detailed scanning makes it difficult for sites that are MFA (made for AdSense) and with inferior content to get through.

Depending on the keywords and linked anchor text used, search engines crawl a submitted website or article more often resulting in frequent indexing of the same. Frequent indexing leads to a higher rank in a search engine and ultimately higher visibility.

Since high visibility in SERP’s is the main aim of search engine optimization, article and website submission form an important part of an SEO campaign. It may seem an easy enough process, but directory submissions have to be done carefully and involve the combined efforts of website designers, content writers, web developers and online marketing experts.

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