Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Directory Submission And Diligent SEO:

Directory submission is good for business – it’s an accepted fact. Search engine optimization holds the reins for a business online and to a large extent does a lot more than simply hold the reins. It gives direction to a business service or product in the virtual world.

When combined with some first-rate directory submission work, SEO ensures that a website is visible to more people than the team that created it. Loosely compared to an enormous reference library, a web directory is the one-stop place for getting a properly categorized list of websites that suit particular interests. Search engine searchers find such sites very useful for gleaning information.

Different directories have different rules and usually arrange the categories hierarchically to aid faster scanning and selection. Thus, an SEO needs to use certain techniques in specific ways so that the websites submitted by them stand out from the rest of the competition.

Some search engine optimizers try to avoid including noindex or nofollow attributes and Java Script links in the Meta Description as they do not generate enough popularity. Selecting pages with outgoing links pointing to quality websites is another technique adapted by SEO’s as this is known to affect page rank positively.

When directory submission is done the right way, i.e. manually by search engine optimizers, the results are structured and predictable. Automated submission is known to frequently slot the website into unsuitable categories.

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