Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hyperlinks And Intelli.txt Links:

The different links contained within online written text all have a different story to tell. These links or hyperlinks always point to another website or webpage. If they don’t, you know that the content creator and search engine optimizer have done a very bad job.

The basic ones that matter the most are the inbound links and the outbound links. The former refers to linking done a manner as to attract traffic to the website, and the latter is generally inserted in order to connect to another website. Both are very important for easy navigation as well as for search engine optimization.

The above two types of links also refer to the characteristic of websites that are relevant to the content of the text, linking with one another to suit the interests of the end-user. However, there is another type of hyperlinking, used mainly for advertisement.

These are Intelli.txt links which point the site visitor to advertisements that may omay not be relevant to the information that they are looking for. More often than not, it’s the latter.

An Intelli.txt link is actually an advertisement module used by the Intelli Txt service provider. It is similar to Google’s AdSense program, Pheedo, Chitika, Blogads and the like. Lately Intelli Txt links and internal hyperlinks have been facing Google’s wrath with the algorithm viewing them as link farms and as a result removing them from getting page rank.

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  1. > Lately Intelli Txt links and internal hyperlinks have been facing Google’s wrath.
    You might have got your facts wrong a little my friend. The Intellitext links are dynamically created via Javascript on the client side. When Google spiders a page it does not see any of the double-underlined links.

    Unless Google has created a super smart engine that can dynamically load a page, execute all the javascript code on it, render the page (like how Firefox or Opera renders a page) and then dynamically at runtime analyze the DOM of the page -- it does not even see the double underlined links that you are talking about. I am pretty sure Google does not do this.

    You are probably referring more to Google wrath with the paid text link ads. E.g. your site is about games and you have a paid link to mortgage or something like that. That is what Google hates. Double underlined Intellitext links have nothing to do with paid text link ads.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Alden; you have a good point there. In my research I came across several mentions of user and site visitor trouble with Intelli Txt and similar links, and hence the mention.

    The outcry is not that major as yet but a surprising number of web users are concerned about the interference with in-editorial content. I guess a better understanding of how these services work is a good idea before implementing them on any site. From a blogger’s POV, it sure would be worth the trouble!
    I appreciate your feedback though. Do keep visiting and commenting.