Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Search Engine Relevance Of FFA Links:

Current search engine popularity statistics point out to Yahoo! being a 17.4 percent drawer of search engine visitors with Microsoft following with 9.2 percent. Along with Google, the big three rule over 95.5 percent of the total web traffic.

Quite naturally, search engine optimizers and online marketers tend to crank up their marketing efforts keeping these three search engines in mind. However, just because the big three dominate the search market, it doesn’t mean that they implement the same organizational formulas.

For instance, some businesses and SEO’s submit their websites to FFA pages which are given some value at Yahoo!, while being almost ignored by Google. FFA links or free for all links are actually website URL’s that are submitted on specific addresses that are essentially a compendium of links submitted by other websites.

Today, Google views FFA linking as manipulative SEO behavior and regards them in the same light as link farms. FFA links further lost their usefulness when auto-submitting applications cropped up, causing previous links to be pushed down in the lists as more links were added.

If only Google paid more attention to FFA links, business owners might have found it easier to rank high in terms of PageRank as sometimes quality sites do find your link. But as they say, “there are no free lunches in this world!”

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