Monday, April 21, 2008

Has Your Marketing Team Tried Out Behavioral Advertising?:

The Federal Trade Commission wants to discourage technology that keeps tabs on how consumers shop claiming to favor self-regulation. In the functioning of online retail and online marketing, this stand could be seen as a dampner on the entire shopping experience.

Consumers have become ready recipients of the innovation and originality that they have come to expect from online marketing creations that appear almost everywhere on the Internet. Spanning from viral videos to ad-clicks that reward you with online ‘dollars’ the modes adapted to reach out to the average consumer are many.

Privacy issues not withstanding, behavioral advertising is a rather customized form of online marketing where the consumer can experience advertising media that conforms to his surfing tastes.

For instance, a woman planning her wedding tends to gravitate towards jewelry and wedding-related sites. If one of the sites she visits during an online shopping excursion practices behavioral advertising, she can have access to more sites and products that may make her search successful. The retailer has earned himself a satisfied consumer and a potential patron as a result of this extra effort.

It’s a very handy concept, behavioral advertising, and one that could be annoying if your Internet marketing and website promotion team do not know how to implement it the right way, which is what has got the FTC in a tizzy in the first place. But hopefully, the statistics can pacify them.

But we have tried it out superbly. Cosmos Creatives can help you get to know your consumers better, subtly.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wanna Makeup A Fact? Go To A Content Writer:

That’s what Lonely Planet did. Those handy little books without which many a tourist would be at a loss for which wine to get drunk on in French Proven├žal and which tattoo parlor to visit in Goa have been found to feature work that has been made-up!

Thomas Kohnstamm, a writer for the publication, recently admitted to fibbing some of the sections in the Lonely Planet guide to Columbia, a country which he has never visited. Imagine the shocking loss of credibility that a travel authority like Lonely Planet must be suffering over this issue. Practically everybody refers to a LP when touring an unknown country.

Times Online says that this is a normal occurrence and states “the economics of guidebook writing are such that corners will be cut so that the author comes out at least in pocket.”

So is this what happens when you hire your content writers cheap?

Some online marketing firms hire content writers that can carry out ghostwriting responsibilities for corporate blogs quite commendably and with a high degree of professionalism. The distinctive feature of this group of writers is the quality of knowledge and communication expertise they possess.

The web content writers at Cosmos Creatives possess this X-factor. In my opinion, delving deep into the core of a business is the best way for a writer to establish himself as an authority in any field.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Your Sitemap Sorted Out:

Want a website that’s stylish and completely interactive as well as SEO’d? Make sure that you have space for a sitemap on your website then. Sitemaps are extremely important for a website that wants to get its message across to the public effectively.

One kind of sitemap is a page that is like an HTML coded mini-directory of your website. Including this page on your site can aid navigation for your end-users, just in case they have not been able to decipher the flashy web design on your page. It’s a good standby and based on the amount of views it gets, you can also know how good your website design is or isn’t.

The second type of sitemap is the XML Sitemap, an important part of the SEOonline marketing team. What it does is get webmasters to bring to the search engine’s notice those pages on a website that need to be crawled.
campaign carried out by your

In November 2006, the Sitemaps Protocol, an XML layout that summarizes sitemap information for the crawlers to scan was announced to widespread support from Google, MSN and Yahoo!. SEO’s compile sitemaps for search engines that conform to the norms and standards of, making it easier for the site to be picked up by search engine crawlers.

Certain URLs on a website cannot be picked up during a regular crawling process (well known to happen on Google); a sitemap ensures that such URLs also receive attention from the search engine.

Professional search engine optimizers always try to stay a step ahead of the search engines. While it’s a merry chase they usually do succeed, sometimes with a little help from the search engine itself. Sitemaps is one such handy aid.

Know more at Cosmos Creatives.

High Expectations And Over-rated Promises:

Search Engine Watch reported a legal case last week that again raised the subject of standards and search engine optimization. The SEO agency that was being sued, Internet Advancement, was penalized for offering services that they did not fulfill.

For instance, the company claimed to have a 96 percent success rate with over 47,000 clients, claims which were absolutely false. They also reverted on their promise of securing a position in the top 10 search engine rankings.

In my opinion, they are being served their just desserts.

One of the first things you have to remember in this business - you cannot guarantee what you cannot consolidate by a valid claim. Even if you do want to impress on your prospective client your proficiency in online marketing, try to be demure in your descriptions and realistic in your promises.

Many SEO and online marketing firms have faced the music just because they have analyzed their market badly and underestimated client intelligence. You might be getting hired by a toy-maker to promote his website online, but just because he may be out of the loop on online marketing it doesn’t mean that you paint him a rosy picture about how you’ll make him the best in the world.

Trust your clients enough to let them in the creative website promotion process, explain them your requirements and consider their inputs. You’d be surprised the amount you can learn from them.

It’s teamwork that makes a business successful. Experience it in action at Cosmos Creatives.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Smart Microsites:

Microsites usually bloom around holiday time or around an occasion or celebration. Remember the ElfYourself campaign by OfficeMax that elfed-out everybody in America couple of years back? These handy web pockets can perform any function from carrying out a political campaign to assisting a corporate launch.

Distinguished by the less pages (anything from 1-10) in a microsite, it is perfect if you are thinking of spending online marketing money for some exclusive branding. Many business websites also launch microsites that actually do not sell or feature their product or service, but provide information that is related to their products. This is a very subtle form of online marketing and one that has the potential to earn the company some brownie points in the authenticity department.

Branding is the primary function of a microsite and its nature may be completely different from the actual business website. Smart online marketing and web designing can transform a company from something humdrum to a savvy entity with a well designed microsite.

A microsite can keep changing its look and message based on the marketing need, but usually they are short-lived and custom-made for maximum impact in a minimum period of time and space. Display marketing techniques incorporate micro sites into their agenda at times due to their exhibitive and informative nature.

Their viral aspect is the most exciting part about a microsite though. If the site is good enough, it will keep being referenced and travel across the web purely by word-of-mouth. Exciting concept, a microsite, don’t you think? Want one for your business as well?

Cosmos Creatives can help you out.

The Profit In Consumer-Generated Media:

Perhaps one of the best things to happen to online marketing, consumer-generated media (CGM) or user generated content (UGC) has taken a strong hold of those working making a living on the Internet and off it.

Also going around by monikers like Online Consumer Word-of-mouth and Online Consumer Buzz, ClickZ, the guys who have helped standardize the concept, believe CGM promises a 30 percent annual growth.

This brilliant aspect of website promotion and online marketing finds a voice in everything from web blogs to discussion boards and review sites and more recently, video blogs and podcasts. It is solely dependent on the end-user or the consumer, the group that online marketing experts constantly strive to influence.

Since consumers do all the reviewing, ranting, rating or just about plain raving about a product or service, it is one of the most viable and lucrative forms of online marketing. The only drawback of such media is the lack of control an online marketing professional has over the consumers which is good in a way as it keeps the user’s opinion unbiased.

For great CGM, Internet marketers have to look for demographics, online marketing techniques and mind-sets that will provide them the best ROI. It all boils down to market-intensive research and delivering web content that is absolutely captivating.

Savvy Internet marketing experts often look towards women to carry out the message of their services and products as one endorsement is enough to create mass desire for the product or service in question.

The trick is how to subtly influence, which Cosmos Creatives is well aware of and has successfully experimented with.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Where Will Online Retail Take Us?:

Everybody has glowing predictions for online retail in 2008, and the slack U.S. markets aren’t affecting it one bit so far. Responsible for a mere 7 percent of total online sales, retailing on the web has its uses.

For one, it has the power to reach out to millions of people who log on to the Internet for purposes ranging from the latest culinary marvels to banking in an online bank. A chance advertisement on a website may have the potential to clinch the biggest deal of the day for a retailer.

Verdict Research points out the food and grocery sectors to be the fastest growing areas in online marketing in the retail sector. This comes as no surprise considering the thick network of moms and women increasingly logging online for work from home. From the 97.2 million U.S. females logging online daily in 2006 at least 109.7 are expected to blossom by 2011 according to eMarketer.

As an inexpensive method of retailing and low-cost options like email marketing, search engine marketing and more lately social networks, the rosy future of online retail seems a surety. Need help in conquering the market? Contact Cosmos Creatives.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Online Reputation Management:

A proactive approach to your brand’s identity is the best way to preserve the online reputation of any small business or large organization. Reputation management is a sector that a business simply cannot ignore, even more so if it is an online marketing and SEO company.

One of the main aims of a search engine marketing company is to keep the website that is being promoted featured in the top-most rankings of a search engine. Part and parcel of this endeavor is to track down any negative impressions that might have resonated from past business dealings and check present repercussions.

Customers can be dissatisfied about a service or product offered by a business. They can voice their misgivings about the same on forums, blogs, websites and just about anywhere else where it is possible to make your voice heard.

Weeding out these harmful digital footprints or generating enough positive impact to outrank them is a large part of what online reputation management and website promotion is all about. While entrusting any online marketing professional to carry out an SEO campaign for your website, ensure that they are at the top of their field (or at least at the top of your budgetary field).

An inexperienced, inexpensive or black hat SEO will do more harm then good for the already tarnishing reputation of your business website. Get in touch with Cosmos Creatives, an experienced online marketing firm that carries out reputation management and website promotion for businesses.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Standards, Trademarks And Online Marketing – Are We In Threat Of Extinction?:

Two incidents making the rounds of search engine optimization circles currently have search engine experts and online marketing professionals contemplating this question.

The first instance I’m referring to is the stand the U.K. is taking against unfair sales and marketing practices. Conscientious consumers would breathe a sigh of relief but then what kind of Internet marketing and advertising would they be exposed to?

Because as it happens in most cases to do with the web, blogs too are included in this law which states it a crime to promote a product on a blog in the U.K. Talk about ringing the death knell of online marketing and website promotion in the U.K.

The second incident that got me perplexed was the struggle by one Jason Gambert, an Internet marketer, to trademark the term SEO. According to him SEO is, “Search Engine Optimization, Hosting, Web designing, Software, Hosting, Domain Name, Software Development, All Computer Related Development and Marketing plus what is listed; Computer Software, Computer Hardware, “SEO” Letters to be trademarked in all Computer related areas.”

The implications of Gambert’s win would be absolutely hazardous for the SEO business with him being in the position to send a cease and desist to anyone inserting the term SEO in their online domains. The only way Gambert can be ceased and desisted from doing this is to put in an objection notice to the TMO (Trademark Office) explaining why SEO is not only a process as stated by him, but also a service.

For now I am off to get started on my notice and dig up more on the situation in U.K. I definitely wouldn’t want something like this to percolate into Cosmos Creatives.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Local Search And Search Engine Optimization:

Local search engine optimization has been found to be especially handy for small business owners and those looking for a limited, localized reach. The reasons could be varied and could range from a small budget to targeting a section of the populace or a service that could work only in that particular area.

Certain local SEO’d blogs can be seen to include grammar-throttling keywords like Boston accountants rather than something more natural sounding like accountants in Boston. When the SEO follows the keyword to content ratio rule to the max, the website is bound to have content that sounds something close to gibberish.

As a small business looking to build up credibility within a limited budget, the last thing you want to do is sound nonsensical. This is why professional SEO’s and online marketing experts treat local search and SEM differently.

Ranking high in local search can be leveraged tremendously if the website is hosted on a local server or is a local domain. So if your business is located in Dublin a ‘’ would be a great idea.

At Cosmos Creatives, customizing the website to suit the local palate is a very important part of our local search engine marketing efforts. While the articles and web content contained in the website are optimized adequately with the required amount of targeted keywords, the Title tags, images and links are given equal importance.

Get ahead in the local search business, team up with Cosmos Creatives.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Virtual Stores And Online Marketing:

The retailing giant J.C. Penney is touted to be the largest online department store on the Internet and in the world. On the Internet you can’t get any larger or successful than that! In 2006, the organization had a promotion where they recreated their online store at One Times Square.

Pulling off an expensive stunt like this, even if it is for advertising reasons, seems to contradict the entire aim and purpose of online marketing. When businesses build a virtual store to push their product or service online, the prime motivating factor is usually the need to influence a wide span of people without costing too much.

From designing the virtual store to carrying out Internet marketing using search engine optimization, PPC adverts and various other website promotional campaigns, online marketing reduces costs significantly.

Small business owners are the main entities that benefit from efforts like virtual stores, whereas big corporations tend to incorporate virtual stores as part of a wider marketing campaign. For instance, America’s largest toy retailer Toys ''R'' Us, has a very established national presence with more than 600 stores in the U.S, yet it has an online store that stocks most of the stuff that’s usually found in the physical stores.

Getting to know what tickles the online visitor’s needs is major aspect of an online marketing expert’s job. Implementing it with the help of an SEO team is the next step towards having a successful virtual store set-up.

Get help from the online marketing team at Cosmos Creatives for convenient and interesting virtual stores.

Agents Of Rapid Recognition – Blogs And Social Networks:

Lily Allen, the talented British singer won this year’s NME award for the “Best Band Blog”. The outspoken singer established a MySpace presence in 2005 when her record label couldn’t find the time to support and market her music. The demos which she posted on her blog attracted stupendous popularity and shot her to fame with at least 500 limited edition 7" vinyl singles of her song rush released.

The Lily Allen website too has a ton of cool stuff that would appeal to youngsters like MySpace skins and website banners, not to mention more free songs and videos. This young lady has got some real smart online marketing and web development teams working on her online image, no doubt about it.

The younger section of the populace accesses the Internet even more than older working professionals these days. They indulge in a lot of sifting and searching while doing the regular social networking rounds of their friends and acquaintances’ profiles. According to Read/Write Web, 67 percent of teens are avid users of the Internet. ClickZ discovered at least 71 percent tweens visit social networking sites weekly.

From an online marketing point of view, it would be insane to ignore this dynamic force and not adapt its potential. Infusing certain elements that appeal to the young crowd like contemporary images, language and a convenient navigational system would be a great step to take. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have done it very well, their networks are used by a lot of businesses and some even incorporate them on their corporate blogs.

Visit Cosmos Creatives for help on your online marketing strategy.