Thursday, April 3, 2008

Agents Of Rapid Recognition – Blogs And Social Networks:

Lily Allen, the talented British singer won this year’s NME award for the “Best Band Blog”. The outspoken singer established a MySpace presence in 2005 when her record label couldn’t find the time to support and market her music. The demos which she posted on her blog attracted stupendous popularity and shot her to fame with at least 500 limited edition 7" vinyl singles of her song rush released.

The Lily Allen website too has a ton of cool stuff that would appeal to youngsters like MySpace skins and website banners, not to mention more free songs and videos. This young lady has got some real smart online marketing and web development teams working on her online image, no doubt about it.

The younger section of the populace accesses the Internet even more than older working professionals these days. They indulge in a lot of sifting and searching while doing the regular social networking rounds of their friends and acquaintances’ profiles. According to Read/Write Web, 67 percent of teens are avid users of the Internet. ClickZ discovered at least 71 percent tweens visit social networking sites weekly.

From an online marketing point of view, it would be insane to ignore this dynamic force and not adapt its potential. Infusing certain elements that appeal to the young crowd like contemporary images, language and a convenient navigational system would be a great step to take. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have done it very well, their networks are used by a lot of businesses and some even incorporate them on their corporate blogs.

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