Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Your Sitemap Sorted Out:

Want a website that’s stylish and completely interactive as well as SEO’d? Make sure that you have space for a sitemap on your website then. Sitemaps are extremely important for a website that wants to get its message across to the public effectively.

One kind of sitemap is a page that is like an HTML coded mini-directory of your website. Including this page on your site can aid navigation for your end-users, just in case they have not been able to decipher the flashy web design on your page. It’s a good standby and based on the amount of views it gets, you can also know how good your website design is or isn’t.

The second type of sitemap is the XML Sitemap, an important part of the SEOonline marketing team. What it does is get webmasters to bring to the search engine’s notice those pages on a website that need to be crawled.
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In November 2006, the Sitemaps Protocol, an XML layout that summarizes sitemap information for the crawlers to scan was announced to widespread support from Google, MSN and Yahoo!. SEO’s compile sitemaps for search engines that conform to the norms and standards of, making it easier for the site to be picked up by search engine crawlers.

Certain URLs on a website cannot be picked up during a regular crawling process (well known to happen on Google); a sitemap ensures that such URLs also receive attention from the search engine.

Professional search engine optimizers always try to stay a step ahead of the search engines. While it’s a merry chase they usually do succeed, sometimes with a little help from the search engine itself. Sitemaps is one such handy aid.

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