Monday, April 21, 2008

Has Your Marketing Team Tried Out Behavioral Advertising?:

The Federal Trade Commission wants to discourage technology that keeps tabs on how consumers shop claiming to favor self-regulation. In the functioning of online retail and online marketing, this stand could be seen as a dampner on the entire shopping experience.

Consumers have become ready recipients of the innovation and originality that they have come to expect from online marketing creations that appear almost everywhere on the Internet. Spanning from viral videos to ad-clicks that reward you with online ‘dollars’ the modes adapted to reach out to the average consumer are many.

Privacy issues not withstanding, behavioral advertising is a rather customized form of online marketing where the consumer can experience advertising media that conforms to his surfing tastes.

For instance, a woman planning her wedding tends to gravitate towards jewelry and wedding-related sites. If one of the sites she visits during an online shopping excursion practices behavioral advertising, she can have access to more sites and products that may make her search successful. The retailer has earned himself a satisfied consumer and a potential patron as a result of this extra effort.

It’s a very handy concept, behavioral advertising, and one that could be annoying if your Internet marketing and website promotion team do not know how to implement it the right way, which is what has got the FTC in a tizzy in the first place. But hopefully, the statistics can pacify them.

But we have tried it out superbly. Cosmos Creatives can help you get to know your consumers better, subtly.


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